Essay on Might is Right for CSS, PMS and Judiciary Examination

Here you will find the Essay on Might is Right for CSS, PMS, and Judiciary Examination. Might is right means people who have power succeed in proving themselves right, though they may not be right in reality.

Essay on Might is Right

The natural world is a world of war; the natural man is a warrior; the natural law 1s tooth and claw. All else is an error. A condition of combat everywhere exists. We are born into perpetual conflict. It is our inheritance even as it was the inheritance of previous generations. But in this war of each against all, there are only a small number of winners who are powerful. They alone conquer power and enjoy the loot.

The average man is a born thrall habituated from childhood to be governed by others. The majority of the common people can never become free, they are but the sediment from which all the more valuable elements have long been distilled … Mastership is right, mastership is natural, mastership is eternal.

In ancient times the concept of human inequality, which was prevalent everywhere, gave rise to social injustice in every society. For example, the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, regarded certain classes of individuals as natural slaves. Although there were other thinkers who did not subscribe to this view, slavery continued to be widespread in Rome and Greece, and indeed, throughout the entire world of antiquity.

In modern times, this concept has been further strengthened by Darwin’s theory of evolution, according to which mankind was regarded as having achieved different levels of development.

The superstitious concept of racial differences, handed down to us from ancient times, paved the way for social discrimination. And such discrimination found an academic basis in modern times in Darwin’s theory of evolution, which purported to show that in the evolutionary process, some groups had made distinctive progress while many other groups, had been left far behind. That is to say that certain groups attained a superior level, while others remained in a primitive condition.

The European nations came to regard other nations as being inferior to them–hence the concept of ‘the white man’s burden’ according to which the white races considered themselves invested with the natural right to subjugate the rest of the world in order to civilize it. This was the logic behind the colonialism of modem times.

On the other hand, the strong man is the free man and freemen should never regulate their conduct by the suggestion or dicta of others, for when they do, they are no longer free. The freeman is above all laws, all constitutions, all theories of right and wrong. He supports and defends them, of course, so long as they suit his own end, but if they don’t then he annihilates them by the easiest and most direct method. Might is Right, or The Survival of the Fittest is a book written by Ragnar Redbeard.

He said in the book under the head of “The Philosophy of Power and Logic of Today”.

It’s the Logic of Today.

Behind all Kings and Presidents­

All government and law,

Are army corps and condoners?

To hold the world in awe.

The Logic of Today.

The “Right of Man” is a fraud.

If you are Fit you’ll Rule and Reign,

You must prove you’re Right by deeds of Might “The Survival of the Strongest”

It’s Might, It’s Force that holds the brakes,

And steers through Death and Birth:

Force governs all organic life,

Inspires all Right and Wrong.

It’s nature’s plan to weed out man And TEST who are the strong.

Survival of the strongest is governed by the law of the jungle. This term, alluding to the jungle as a place devoid of ethics where brutality and self-interest reign, was first used by Rudyard Kipling in “The Jungle Book”

Life struggles, life is war and in this war, those who are the strongest, and have set aside the authority of laws and moral codes as suitable only for the submissive mass, will be the winners. They will remain winners, however, only to the extent that they can continue to prove themselves the strongest. If others arise who are stronger than they, then they will lose and new masters will take their place. In this way, the “survival of the fittest” will prevail and will no longer be hampered or denied by doctrines of brotherhood or equality, which have no roots in reality.

  • The mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small.
  • Kings have long arms.
  • One law for the rich and another for the poor.
  • Little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape.

Injustice, denote acts or conditions that cause people to suffer hardship or loss undeservedly who are the poor and powerless.

Injustice is a violation of a person’s rights; the term can also refer to unfair treatment of another or others. Martin Luther King, Jr. said; “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Force in its narrow sense implies control of the body rather than the person. We may kill, bind, or render comatose without being able to get a person’s actions to conform to our will.

Only when they comply because of the threat of force can the relationship be called power and this becomes, strictly, coercion. It 1s also power in which the slave may persuade the emperor or the professor the Prime Minister. In other words, the powerless may persuade the powerful: the offering of ideas is not controlled until it creates a dependency and, therefore, the capacity to manipulate. Rights are connected with power and force in the modern world. Who is powerful is a king and who is poor is the slave of the king?

No government can justify the mass murder of its own citizens. But we have yet to evolve international institutions that can intervene to prevent it. Peter Singer lays down some ground rules. The aftermath of the 11 September terrorist attacks dramatically highlighted the way in which state sovereignty has ceased to be a sacred principle of international relations.

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