Essay on “Terrorism and its Socioeconomic Implications” for CSS, and PMS

This is an Essay on “Terrorism and its Socioeconomic Implications” for CSS, PMS, and Judiciary Examinations. Terrorism by and large is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. It is a burning question these days. That’s why this topic is very important to study. So, here is a complete Essay on “Terrorism and its Socioeconomic Implications” for CSS, PMS, and judiciary examinations.



Terrorism is a global issue. It has wreaked havoc in Pakistan.


  • Poverty, economic deprivation, and unemployment
  • Wrong interpretation of religion
  • Intolerant behavior and attitude
  • Conservative mindset
  • Illtreatment of Third World countries by great powers
  • Vested interests of different countries in promoting terrorism
  • Improper treatment of DDPs
  • Drone attacks


  • A death blow to the economy
  • Less foreign direct investment
  • Tarnish the image of the country worldwide
  • Insecurity among people
  • Child labor and slavery
  • Declining tourism 
  • Loss of lives

Remedial Measures

  • Improvement in the education sector
  • Registration of madaris
  • Criticism of terrorism in society
  • Improvement in the training of security personnel
  • Proper use of Religious Scholars
  • Rightful treatment with IDPs


Essay on “Terrorism and its Socioeconomic Implications” for CSS, PMS, and Judiciary Examinations


Terrorism is a global issue. It has wreaked havoc in Pakistan

Terrorism is a global issue. It has farreaching socioeconomic implications. It is threatening very peace of the world. In Pakistan, terrorism has destroyed the socioeconomic fabric of the country. On the one hand, terrorism has provided an impetus to extremism and sectarianism; on the other, it has caused huge losses to people and the state. Sixty thousand people have lost their lives in different terror attacks in Pakistan and its economic losses are countless. It can be said that terrorism has wreaked havoc in the country. Law and order situation has deteriorated owing to terrorism. Terrorism has become a threat to Pakistans sovereignty.

The economy of the state has borne the brunt of this issue. Many businessmen have left the country of a lack of security and a business-friendly environment. Foreign direct investment is touching its lowest ebb. Investors feel shy about investing in this volatile region. Pakistan has been a frontline state in the war against
. So, it has to bear the wrath of terrorists on daily basis. Terrorists attack public places, mosques, imam dargahs, churches, temples, and schools. Such attacks have deadly socioeconomic implications for the people of Pakistan

However, this issue needs immediate steps in the right direction. Military operation alone cannot serve the purpose in this regard. Terrorism is an ideology that should be crushed at the gross root level. Government, media, and educated ones have an important responsibility on their shoulders. Similarly, proper rehabilitation of terror-affected people can also help in curbing this issue. The whole nation should develop a consensus to root out terrorism. God forbid, if required steps are not taken timely, this monster will engulf the peace and harmony of the country.

Causes of Terrorism 

Poverty, economic deprivation, and unemployment

There are many causes of terrorism. Poverty, unemployment, and economic deprivation are major culprits in this regard. Poverty and unemployment deeply affect ones thinking capability. A person facing a financial crunch can easily fall prey to terrorist ideology. A poor one becomes unidirectional. He loses patience and tolerance for trivial issues Which gives rise to frustration and depression. Frustrated people become violent. They stand against the socioeconomic norms of the day and spread terror to fulfill their wishes.

Wrong interpretation of religion

Moreover, a conservative mindset and misinterpretation of religious teachings breed terrorism in Pakistan. People do not like innovation in society. Their thinking is stereotypical. They hardly bear new ideas. Certain mullahs have a conservative mindset. They declare Americans responsible for all ills in society. They often interpret Quranic verses as per their own desires. They always stress on struggle (jihad) with the sword. They have failed to make people realize that Islam is the religion of peace. In this modem era, this is the domain of security forces to protect the borders of the country. There are few ulemas (scholars) but more mullahs in our society. They often misguide people and turn them violent.

Intolerant behavior and attitude and conservative mindset

Similarly, extremism and sectarianism have further aggravated the situation. It is a common phenomenon that people are devoid of patience and endurance. They do not bother to consider both sides of the coin while taking decisions. Disagreement is not welcomed in society. People are ignorant of the fact that difference of opinion is the beauty of life. People are divided into Sunnis, Shias, Wahabis, and Deobandis. There
prevails feeling of hatred among different sects. Terrorists exploit these feelings and use people in different terror activities.

Ill-treatment of Third World countries by great powers

Furthermore, ill-treatment of Third World countries at the hand of great powers fuels the fire of terrorism in the world. The US and its allies invaded Iraq for their nefarious designs. They hanged people’s leaders. It is rightly said, “every action has a reaction but in opposite direction.” The people of Iraq have grievances and sentiments against the west. They consider them aggressors and usurpers. They want to take revenge. Such sentiments further pave the way for terrorism.

Vested interests of different countries in promoting terrorism

Likewise, a few countries promote terrorism in other countries to protect their interests. It would not be wrong to say that Saudi Arabia and Iran treat Pakistan as a battleground to settle their score. It is quite strange that both countries maintain law and order in their own areas. But they support violence in Pakistan by providing aid to seminaries of their own version of Islam.

There is a sectarian divide in the country due to this situation. Followers of one sect declare others infidels. They do not even feel shame in killing their fellow beings in the name of religion. Such atrocities cement the foundation of terrorism in the country.

In addition to it, the wrong policies of previous governments sowed the seeds of terrorism in the land of innocent people. Mujahedeen were trained with the help of Americans to fight Russians in Afghanistan in a dictator’s regime. They were fed and kept beside the Afghan border as heroes of the war. Russia was defeated because America succeeded in its aim.

The so-called mujahedeen were left on their own. They joined different organizations and Al-Qaeda is a glaring example in this respect. When America invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack, the heroes of war stood beside Al-Qaeda and its allies. They launched certain terrorist attacks in Pakistan to destabilize the country. The country learned a lesson in the shape of terrorism.

Improper treatment of DDPs and Drone attacks

Last but not least, ill-treatment of IDPi and drone attacks further fan the Hume, of terrorism in the country, Pakistani security forces launched many operations in FATA and adjacent areas. People had to leave their homes, business, crops, and all means of survival. They were at the mercy of the state. They were not taken care of properly.

Some of them joined terrorists and added to the difficulties of the state. Besides it, drone attacks are counterproductive. Civilians are also killed in drone attacks. Relatives of these civilians stand against the government and promote terrorism.

Effects of Terrorism

A death blow to the economy

Terrorism is a death blow to the economy of the state. Pakistan has to spend a lot of money on security issues. Certain walls of the government institutions have been repaired and different barriers are installed at the entrance of the institutions. The government has increased security at markets, hospitals, schools, and shops. Buildings that are destroyed arc built again. Government has to spend public money on bullets and tanks when operations arc launched against terrorists. All these extra expenses burden the economy which is already fragile and dependent on foreign aid.

Less foreign direct investment

Because of terrorism, no one from the outside world wants to invest their money here in Pakistan. They are all afraid that their boat or windpipe might sink. It has gone deep in people’s minds that Pakistan is not able to invest money and all this is the result of this terrorism.

Tarnish the image of the country worldwide

Besides this, different terrorist activities badly tarnish the image of the country worldwide. Pakistanis are not welcomed in the west. They are disrespected at international airports. Foreigners consider them suspicious. They have to undergo different checks to enter a foreign country. In fact, the green passport has lost its real value owing to this menace of terrorism. Overseas Pakistanis face a lot of troubles abroad. This is disappointing.

Insecurity among people

In the same fashion, many people have lost their lives in suicide bombings and bomb blasts. Some families have been deprived of their breadwinners. When a breadwinner dies, there arc socio-economic implications for the whole family and society Members of such families are forced to commit crimes to meet their needs These criminal activities create chaos and anarchy in society. A few people send their children to work which results in child labor and slavery. Society keeps on suffering due to terrorism.

Declining tourism 

Adding more to it, terrorism has restricted tourist activities in Pakistan Since 9/11 there has been a continuous decline in tourism. Many foreign tourists are killed in Pakistan. So, this situation has kept tourists at a distance from Pakistan. Business related to tourism has received a huge setback in Pakistan. Many tourist guides are killed in search of livelihood. They are left with empty stomachs. This is an alarming situation. It can tempt people related to tourism to involve in antistate activities. So, tourist activities have gone down owing to terrorism.

Loss of lives

Terrorism has badly impacted educational institutions in the country. Terrorists have brutally killed many children in schools. The buildings of educational institutions are blown up. Provincial governments are forced to suspend educational activities. The terrorist attack on Army Public School, Peshawar left indelible effects on people’s psyche. Nowadays, people are always concerned about the security of school-going children. Terrorism has also left negative impacts on the minds of innocent children.

Remedial Measures Against Terrorism

Improvement in the education sector 

As every problem has some remedies, improvement of the educational system can root out terrorism from Pakistan. Currently, millions of children are out of school. This is a grave situation. Illiterate ones are easy to be brainwashed by terrorism. Government can allocate 4% of GDP for education. The syllabus in the educational system is outdated. Hate material against terrorism can be included in the syllabus to cut its roots at the earliest. Teachers also have to play a positive role here. They can inculcate the virtues of tolerance and patience in children. These steps can eradicate terrorism from Pakistan.

Registration of madaris

Secondly, there are thousands of religious seminaries in Pakistan. These are breeding grounds for terrorism. Some of the seminaries get foreign aid and start anti-state activities. Seminaries should be registered to keep a check on their activities. It is also necessary to curb the publication of hateful materials. No madrassah should receive foreign aid without the government’s approval. These steps are inevitable to get rid of terrorism.

Criticism of terrorism in society

Thirdly, pragmatic and farsighted policies of the government can extirpate terrorism from Pakistan. Pakistan is bleeding due to the ill-advised policies of some previous rulers. They sacrificed the interests of the state for their benefit. They used insurgents as a second line of defense. Such a policy is not in favor of Pakistan anymore. Government can promote liberalism and tolerance to limit terrorist activities. Policies can be formulated keeping in view the interests of the state and changing trends in the modem world.

Improvement in the training of security personnel

Fourthly, great powers have a pivotal role to play in making this world worth living. Some powerful countries meddle in the affairs of Third World countries. They try to capture and grab their resources. Such acts disturb the peace of the world. Great powers can help weak countries in their progress and development. They ought to help them in times of crisis. They can stand beside them while tackling complex issues. There is a dire need to curb the practice of supporting rebel forces in different countries. Such a positive attitude toward great powers can nip this evil in the bud.

Proper use of Religious Scholars

Fifthly, the sincere and wise approach of religious scholars can eliminate terrorism from Pakistan. Scholars have many followers in society. They can expose the mullahs who make people aggressive and intolerant. Scholars can throw light on the real spirit of Islam. Manipulation of verses related to jihad is to be stopped. Scholars can teach people that everyone has a right to practice his belief. People can be told about the real teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) regarding human rights. Everyone should accept that Islam is a religion of peace, not violence.

Rightful treatment with IDPs

Finally, IDPs have never been treated well in the history of Pakistan. They sacrifice everything for their homeland. They compromise on their present to save the future of upcoming generations. Someone rightly said, “Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself.” Unfortunately, the government leaves IDPs in the lurch. This situation needs immediate attention. IDPs should be provided with food, shelter, and education, so that they may not involve in terrorist activities.


By and large, it can be said that terrorism is a burning question of the day. It has resulted in the abuse of human rights on a large scale. Terrorism has snatched the peace of heart and soul of people. It has added to the difficulties of people enormously. It has injured people’s feelings. Many people have left the country for good. Terrorism has portrayed Pakistan as a violent hit country. Government, civil society, and security forces eradicate this evil from Pakistan.

So to understand Terrorism and its Socioeconomic Implications, the whole nation should stand against this menace as it is posing threat to our survival. Pakistan can make progress by leaps and bounds if it successfully addresses this issue. It is the responsibility of every Pakistani national to fight against the forces of terror and tyranny. People will have to sacrifice to save upcoming generations from terrorism.

Operations like Zarb-e-Azab are a real remedy to this issue. Once terrorists are sent to hell, complete rehabilitation of affected areas should take place. So that people may live a life full of happiness and satisfaction.

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