English Essay – Write Effective Essay for CSS, PMS, and Judiciary Exams

Writing Effective Essay for CSS, PMS, and Judiciary Exams is compulsory. Without a strong analytical and competitive study, it becomes very hard to write an effective essay. Writing an essay is a crucial component of the CSS, PMS, and Judiciary examinations. In this article, I will try to give guidelines according to the experts to write an effective Essay for CSS, PMS, and Judiciary Exams. Syllabus for CSS Competitive Examination 2016 and onward in its Scheme of CSS Competitive Examination provides the following instructions relating to the Essay Paper:

“Candidates will be required to write one or more essays in English. A wide choice of topics will be given”.

“Candidates are expected to reflect comprehensive and research-based knowledge on a selected topic. Candidate’s articulation, expression and technical treatment of style of Essay writing are examined.”

It is very obvious from the last few years of CSS, PMS, and Civil Judge examinations that students could not perform well in the essay paper. The reason is a lack of sufficient study and conceptual, linguistic and writing competencies. The last few year’s performances of candidates in English Essay paper under CSS Competitive Examination has not been as satisfactory as in other papers.

we have gathered some of the extracts from the examiners’ reports given by the highly reputed teacher and experts of the subject to highlight the weaknesses and common mistakes in essay writing, are reproduced below for the general information and guidance of the candidates;

Experts Opinion for Writing Effective Essay

As per the 2014 CSS and PMS papers, we have collected this information. Most of the students were found doing these mistakes again and again. The report says that;

“The question paper was set to evaluate the performance of the candidates in terms of their conceptual, linguistic and writing competencies, but common trends observed were lack of conceptual clarity, shallow knowledge of the subject, grammatical mistakes, and inappropriate choice of vocabulary and stereotype answers. The majority of the candidates did not follow the norms of confrontational discourse and wrote isolated sentences rather than in cohesive paragraphs. The ability required in CSS is extensive reading, holistic and appreciable performance approach in the subject but the majority lacked these characteristics.”

As per the 2016 CSS and PMS and this time the Judiciary papers, we have collected this information. The ideas presented were random. The argument was without any logical reasoning or research-based facts. The report says that;

“The performance in English Essay was unsatisfactory. A significant majority failed in the subject. The ideas presented were random. The argument was without any logical reasoning or research-based facts. There was neither coherence nor creativity. The candidates were neither able to build an argument from multiple angles nor substantiated it with facts. The outline of the Essay was not properly structured. In many answer scripts, the aspects mentioned in the outline were not discussed in the Essay”.

Similarly, in 2017, 2018 and 2019 CSS, PMS and Judiciary papers,  “the standard Essay was examined on the footing of argumentation, content, language and intellectual thinking. The quality and level of critical argumentation, on the whole, were very poor. Most of the candidates were unable to identify the dormant contention in topics. In most papers content was inadequate and irrelevant. The most worrying aspect of Essays was the wrong use of the English language. The sentence structure was glaringly flawed. Moreover grammatical and spelling mistakes were rife. The intellectual level of essays was mediocre and candidates were unable to even grasp the topic of the essay”.

So to facilitate the students and to give them guidance for writing an essay for CSS, PMS and Judiciary Exams we have arranged some of the important points here. You can follow these guidelines to make your Essay more effective. 

It should be noted these observations and guidelines are to educate you these are not the official prescription.

Guidelines for Writing Effective Essay for CSS, PMS, and Judiciary Exams

  • A good essay is not supposed to reflect crammed information or bookish knowledge about the topic. It should rather tell us about the writer’s personal feelings or thoughts about it, and his ability to convert these feelings and thoughts into arguments for convincing the readers.
  • It should be self-contained and self-explanatory: not depending on any outside source for its essential comprehension.
    Its basic stance should be creative, critical and analytical rather than narrative or descriptive.
  • It contains a unified and coherent discussion on a particular topic (strictly in accordance with the wording of the title), with no digression or overshadowing. 
  • It must work through establishing the writer’s personal stand about the subject and substantiating that stand with convincing arguments.
  • Be compact and concise, with no loose constructions or unnecessary attachments.
  • An essay should have a balanced body, with a beginning, middle and end-each one serving its own distinct purpose.
  • It should work as a unit of impression in the sense that the impact of the beginning is still fresh when the reader reaches the end.
  • An Essay should be in a fluent text with natural linkage among parts and paragraphs, with no disjointed or segregated parts.

These following important guidelines must be in your mind before making outlines and writing your essay paper. 

  • Your essay should be Relevant
  • There should not be a lack of Structure 
  • You must know how to handle an argument or to be argumentative
  • Should Avoid superfluity
  • You must have the idea to pitch your bias
  • How to avoid spurious ideas
  • How to show a difference between specific and general ideas
  • The Paragraph transition (the most important)

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For an effective essay paper, you must give the answer the exact inquiry set, instead of displaying data that is comprehensively important to the theme. You should have a reasonable contention or point of view, so the examiner knows from the start what the candidate means to state, and can follow the advancement of his/her contention all through the easy.


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