Downfall in Pakistan’s Tourism Industry: A Review

Pakistan is rich in its potential tourism due to its culture, history, geographical location, and many more. No doubt the Tourism industry has the potential to earn billions of dollars. Pakistan’s current tourism industry is still reviving as Pakistan earned only 35 crores in the 2021 season. So this is an alarming situation being a rich tourism destination. In this article, I’ll present a critical review of the downfall of Pakistan’s tourism industry.

Tourism Industry in the World

Worldwide, tourism has increased since the end of the Corona epidemic, but tourism in Pakistan has fallen to record lows. I kept coming, reason! Lack of recreational facilities, even if there are, lack of facilities, inflation, and lack of interest of the people.

This year, the United States earned 210 billion from tourism, Spain 68 billion, France 61 billion, Thailand 58 billion, the United Kingdom 52 billion, Italy 45 billion, Australia 42 billion, Germany 40, Japan 35, China 33 billion, India 29 billion and Turkey 24 billion dollars a year from tourism.

In this list, Pakistan earned only 350 million a year. Believe it! If we attract tourists, there is no doubt that Pakistan can earn huge foreign exchange, but where is our luck that we can also “sell” our tourists, historical and beautiful places, tourists Provide facilities to generate interest.

The downfall of Pakistan’s Tourism Industry

We have never considered what attracts tourists, even if you study the countries that attract the most tourists. And then the things that attract tourists include beautiful scenery, historic buildings and areas, rare objects, ancient traditional festivals, religious and spiritual sites, and the last resting places of celebrities and some of the areas associated with famous celebrities.

Fortunately, Pakistan is one of the countries that have all the amenities that have just been mentioned to attract tourists from all over the world. But here the situation is getting worse than before.

Why are so many beautiful hotels of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation inactive? The world is making billions of dollars from tourism and our situation is that we could not run a few PTDC hotels and we have turned them into ghost bungalows.

Here, when a government makes a decision, it is not judged on the basis of right and wrong, but on the basis of bigotry. That is why to this day it has not happened that any party has made a wrong decision in its power and it has been meaningfully criticized by the workers and leaders of that party. Criticism is only for others whose eyebrows are raised. The beam is also visible. Wrapped in the politics of power, this is a tragedy that has eroded our moral existence.

It seems that God’s people did not go out for tourism, they went out to take revenge on nature. You go on a tour, there is no toilet for the family on the way. Men will go wherever they want to spread filth, but this society has not yet created the awareness to understand the problems of mothers, sisters, and daughters. Family toilets can be built on the side of the road like in Galyat, if there is awareness of tourism.

If anyone raises an objection, provincialism and linguistics are endangered as to why our culture is being objected to. Go Tight, dark and dirty hotels, there is no beautiful construction and no taste and sophistication. Just derbies have been made for the chickens.

There are tourist places and they are full of people but it turns out that there is only one ATM in the town. Outside of which dozens of people are lined up all day long. So your luck. Even in seemingly good hotels, the beds smell. What problem did the public cry about?

In such cases, these were PTDC hotels, which were shelters for families. Clean, wonderful atmosphere and excellent food. Whether it is PTDC Naran, Balakot, Malam Jabba, Skardu, or Ayubia, these were all choices in the world.

The bed was clean, the staff was good-natured, the food was good, the dishes were washed, and the atmosphere was calm. Unfortunately, one government has demolished them and the other is going to mortgage them instead of resettling them.

However, if you look at the number of tourists in the world who go to other countries, they first choose government accommodation, and hotels, because, under international law, the safety of tourists is also the responsibility of the state, and tourists are also the responsibility.

The first thing he sees in the facilities is how safe the area he is going to is, how modern the infrastructure is to get there and get around, how economical and modern the transport is, and what the clinics are like.

How convenient it is, the local guides and people are friendly and polite, the local currency exchange centers are in the right places, and how effective is the first aid and rescue system in case of emergency.


Undoubtedly, Pakistan has areas and history that can be an attraction for foreign tourists. If one wants to touch the high snowy peaks, the five mountains above eight thousand meters are called eight-thousanders to challenge us to head. Not one or two but five of the 14 mountains in the world, 8,000 meters high, stand proudly in Pakistan. He appealed to the government to take pity on tourism, fix things slowly, and improve them, then of course the government will also start getting revenue.

So these are some of the causes of the Downfall in Pakistan’s tourism. Must share your feedback in the comment section below. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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