Difference between Patriotism and Nationalism

Here you will learn about the main difference between patriotism and Nationalism. Before analyzing the deep differences let’s analyze the definitions. Patriotism means “the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country”. Nationalism means, “identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations”. So here is the complete difference between patriotism and nationalism.

Patriotism Vs. Nationalism

When Pakistan is in dire need of development, religious and ethnic nationalism divides the country and hinders development. The country disintegrated in 1971 due to misconceptions of nationalism, and racial and linguistic prejudices pitted the two parts of the country against each other and ultimately shattered the unity of Pakistan. Our policymakers need to think more about this kind of nationalism so that Pakistan can become a nation.

Our government, political and educational system, curriculum, and media have to this day adopted the statement that the only national language of Pakistan, Urdu, and Islam is the guarantee of keeping the country united, policymakers do not understand that Statements can lead to redistribution.

People are reluctant to give up their mother tongue because the mother tongue gives them direct access to their cultural heritage which includes fairy tales, poetry, local history, etc. The Bengali language movement was the main reason for the break up of Pakistan, one of the reasons being. The war in Russia and Ukraine is driven by racial and linguistic prejudices. Ukraine’s nationalist government has taken steps to prevent ethnic Russians from speaking Russian in Ukraine, leading to a Russian-Ukrainian uprising.

Islam was necessary for our forefathers in India to fight against the British colonial rule and for a separate Muslim homeland because the Hindu majority had made the lives of Muslims miserable. In the Indian state of Assam, Bangladeshi immigrants are called “worms”. There should be a multifaceted national narrative to give birth to patriotism in Pakistan because our region has had different tribes, races, castes, and religious groups for centuries.

The struggle for the establishment of Pakistan, which was started by adopting the ideology, was absolutely necessary, but with the passage of time, we need to think from a new angle and create a narrative. It should be kept in mind that non-Muslims have been living in Pakistan for centuries, their roots have been here for centuries. They have the right to have their own identity, they can never be considered a second-class citizen.

Similarly, the Muslim tribes, races, languages, ​​and cultures inhabiting the region are centuries old and cannot be eradicated or eradicated. Unity does not need uniformity to survive! Why only one national language? Canada has English and French, and Switzerland has German, French, and Italian.

In Europe, religious, ethnic, and cultural identities have not been eliminated, only the state and law have been placed above them. In our globalized world, Islam has a strong global trend. Its scope is for the whole universe. This fact makes it easier for Pakistan and other Muslim countries in this world of globalization.

With the strengthening of the globalization aspect, the natural option is to incorporate a sense of patriotism and a sense of belonging to our region, our national development formula should be based on this. Love for one’s region, country, country, and culture are natural, even when people are expelled from their homeland, their love does not end.

Even after settling in other countries and cities and getting good jobs, love for the place where you were born never dies. Patriotism is related to the religion in which you were born, including the area, neighborhood, village or hometown, family, neighbors, with whom you grew up, and friends, all of whom together made you a patriot. This patriotism should be linked to the freedom of small minorities and should be seen as an indicator of social progress.

The spirit of patriotism must be such that it prevents our citizens from lying, exploiting workers, tax evasion, bribery, taking, adulteration, oppressing the poor, and prostrating to the powerful. Stop the rulers from betraying the people so that a newly united nation can be built. There should be no discrimination on the basis of religion and race in this community. All are equal citizens. There should be no divisive elements in this nation. Religions and sects should work in unity, not as divisive elements in the nation and society. We must reconsider our state of affairs.

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