Current National Security Challenges in Pakistan

The security situation in the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is like a state of war. The ongoing war in North and South Waziristan has now entered other districts. The attack and occupation of Bannu CTD police station is a great example of this.

Currently, Pakistan is again facing national security challenges. In this article, you will learn about the current national security challenges in Pakistan.

National Security Challenges in Pakistan

Although this threat seems to be limited to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. But the threat of terrorism can spread to other provinces as well. The situation of terrorism that is being seen should not be seen in a political isolation. .

Various reports of our agencies also indicated that the situation is not good and we have to take extraordinary measures to improve the security situation. But as a result of ongoing political war between the federal and provincial governments, politics of confrontation, we could not give the attention we should have paid to national security issues. Many meetings of the National Security Committee were also held, but weakness was shown on these issues.

Intelligence agency reports that came out in February and March also pointed out the challenges faced by the CTD, but the federal or provincial governments could not do anything about these issues. They could not get the resources they had asked for.

Basically, the issues of terrorism should not be seen only with the law and order situation. Therefore, simply saying that the major responsibility of the situation lies with the provincial government is not a complete analysis.

The challenge of national security and especially dealing with terrorism is not the work of a single provincial government but it is a matter related to the efficiency and transparency of institutions including the federal and provincial governments. We have formed apex committees at the federal and provincial levels to deal with terrorism.

The security agencies including the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers were also included in these committees. Similarly, various institutions were formed to deal with national security policy, Necta and terrorism.

But as a whole, we have become entangled in national internal political affairs to such an extent that we have shown our weakness on these important and sensitive issues. There will be political federal and provincial governments, but our political leaders, whether they belong to any party, cannot provide a great leadership in this war.

We have achieved a lot on the administrative and security front. Our army men, officers, police and other security personnel including ordinary citizens have made unprecedented sacrifices in this war. It could not be run effectively. Our National Security Policy, which has been widely publicized at all levels, has question marks on its implementation.

A major basis of this national security policy is connected with internal political and economic stability. But today we are going through a major political and economic crisis at the national level.

It seems that instead of dealing with the serious problems of our national level, we are fighting among ourselves. Instead of solving things, we have become part of the game of making things worse on the internal front. Political differences have replaced political enmity and refusal to accept each other’s political existence. The result is a weak economy or a stagnant economy.

The political division that has taken place in the nation has also divided the people instead of uniting them. How can our enemies not take advantage in such a situation? We should also hold ourselves accountable before talking to our enemies about how much we are responsible for the problems of insecurity that are arising or the sense of it is growing at every level.

Internal analysis of these situations should also be done. Trying to save yourself by simply blaming others will never yield positive results.

In the context of national security, the crisis in Afghanistan has also become a headache for us. We thought that the situation would change after the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, but the Afghan crisis has become a serious problem not only for Afghanistan but also for the politics of the entire region including Pakistan. One is to deal with force and the other is to find a solution to the problem with the help of dialogue.

Regular written threats are being given to political and social people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or ransom has been demanded for their lives, that is also an aspect of concern.

The force with which thousands of people without any political party have raised the voice of peace shows that there is fear and dread in the current situation and they want the help of the state. Targeting the security forces and their offices. Cases like attacks are on the rise.

Due to our political interests, constraints and political instability, extremist elements are trying to strengthen their political grip again. Similarly, the demands or conditions that TTP is presenting are also not acceptable to us.

This is the reason why the extremist elements are trying to increase their pressure on the state by taking advantage of our internal weaknesses so that their demands are given importance.

After the withdrawal of the American army from Afghanistan and the occupation of Kabul by the Taliban, the Taliban had assured Pakistan, including international countries, that their land would not be used for terrorism against any country, including Pakistan.

The incidents of terrorism happening in Pakistan create the impression that the Afghan Taliban government here is also weak in dealing with extremists or is a victim of political compromises. That is why TTP is taking advantage of it.

Be it Afghanistan or India, we need many challenges for the improvement of regional relations and especially India’s overall attitude also exists as a big obstacle. We have done so much in Afghanistan too, but there are many reservations regarding Pakistan and they think that the problems are created by us.

In this opinion, India also has a prominent role, which is running the anti-Pakistan campaign in Afghanistan under a special strategy.

Summing up

India wants relations between us and Afghanistan to deteriorate to such an extent that we get confused or use force so that India can take advantage of it. While this strategy of Pakistan is correct that it wants a solution of issues from Afghanistan on a bilateral basis instead of an aggressive approach or a tough stance.

If we confuse or clash with Afghanistan, it will benefit India. To improve relations with regional countries, we also have to put our house in order and until we create transparency on our domestic affairs, regional countries will Improving relations or national security will also be difficult.


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