CSS Journalism & Mass Communication Paper 2024

In here, you will find the CSS Journalism & Mass Communication Paper 2024. You can view or download this CSS Journalism & Mass Communication Paper 2024. The Journalism & Mass Communication paper of CSS was held on 04-03-2024.

Journalism & Mass Communication Paper for CSS 2024

Q1. To what extent does the Magic Bullet theory retain relevance in the context of the digital social age? Provide supporting examples to illustrate its applicability or limitations in today’s media landscape.

Q2. Assess the current state of Freedom of Expression in Pakistan, outlining the primary challenges it faces, Explore the potential societal impacts of these challenges on Pakistan’s future and propose measures to address these concerns.

Q3. Critically examine the impact of cultural imperialism on contemporary communication practices globally. Discuss how dominant cultures influences the communication landscape and assess its effects on preserving cultural diversity and indigenous identities?

Q4. What is the significance of Public Relations departments for both Government and Private organizations? Provide examples.

Q5. Describe the importance of Development Support Communication in Pakistan’s progress. Discuss its methods, difficulties, and share examples.

Q6. What ethical issues do media professionals face in the digital age? Offer solutions to maintain ethical standards in digital media age for media professionals.

Q7. Write note on any two of the following:

  1. Digital Divide and Access to Information
  2. Fake News and Disinformation
  3. Two step flow model

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CSS Journalism & Mass Communication MCQ Paper 2024
CSS Journalism & Mass Communication Paper 2024

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