CSS Economics Paper-II 2024

Here, you will find the CSS Economics Paper-II 2024. You can view or download this CSS Economics Paper-II 2024. The Economics paper-II of CSS was held on 03-03-2024.

Economics Paper-II for CSS 2024

Q2. Difference between the “Economic growth” and “Economic Development“. Explain various measures of both.

Q3. During FY23, inflation in Pakistan has touched its highest peak over the 75 years. Describe in brief the factors behind the high inflation and explain the monetary and fiscal policy actions to improve upon the situation.

Q4. Pakistan nationalization act was promulgated in year 1972. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages on Pakistan Economy.

Q5. Pakistan has experienced “Green Revolution” in mid 1960s. What are the main determinants of Green Revolution? Explain the essential policy actions needed. if we want to revive again the “Green revolution” in Pakistan.

Q6. Describe in brief the IMF’s financial assistance program, its objectives and stringent conditionalities. Does it helpful in resolving the balance of payments problems and structural issues of a heavily indebted less developed countries like Pakistan?

Q7. According to the labor Force Survey (LFS) 2020-21, overall employment to population ratio is 42.1 percent and this ratio is higher in male (64.1 percent) as compared to female (19.4 percent). (i) Explain what are the main reasons behind the female low employment levels in Pakistan? (ii) Suggest the policy actions and reforms to increase the female labor force participation in the economy.

Q8. Write short notes on any TWO of the following:

  1. Cities are engine to economic growth
  2. Russia-Ukraine war and supply shocks
  3. Pakistan’s inefficient state-owned enterprises

View Economics Paper-II for CSS 2024:

CSS Economics Paper-II 2024

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