CSS Current Affairs Paper 2024

Here, you will find the CSS Current Affairs Paper 2024. You can view or download this CSS Current Affairs Paper 2024. The Current Affairs paper of CSS was held on 01-03-2024.

Current Affairs Paper for CSS 2024

1. The creation of more provinces is a persistent demand from some circles in Pakistan. How do you see the creation of more provinces in Pakistan; as beneficial or harmful for the people? Explain your views with solid justification.

2. Discuss the Pakistan’s historic role in Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and under the framework of regional integration; what are the future prospects of ECO for Pakistan?

3. Critically evaluate the US-Pakistan relations under the Joe Biden Administration vis-a-vis the US Indo-Pacific strategy.

4. Saudi Arabia and Iran both have significant place in Pakistan’s foreign policy. How Pakistan can maintain friendly relations with both Saudi Arabia and Iran, especially after the mediation of China between the two countries?

5. Palestine conflict is a long-standing one on the United Nations table. Discuss its recent escalation since October 2023 and critically assess the big powers’ reaction to it.

6. Evaluate the implications of Ukraine War for the Russia-Europe energy relations.

  1. Prospects of regional integration in South Asia
  2. The UN efforts for nuclear non-proliferation
  3. Climate Change and the Bing powers role

View CSS Current Affairs Paper 2024:

CSS Current Affairs Paper 2024

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