Clarification Regarding Up-Gradation of Posts on Time Scale Promotion (Explained)

The Government of Punjab, the Finance Department has issued the Clarification Regarding the Up-Gradation of Posts in all the government departments of Punjab. Through this clarification, the employees of Punjab, who were so puzzled about their time scale promotion criteria are now enjoying the benefits that are given in this clarification. The Government of Punjab Finance Department issued a clarification notification number FD.PC 40-80/2015(115/19) dated 03-09-2019 clarifies the up-gradation of the various posts under the administration of the Punjab Government.

This notification has cleared the ambiguities that arose in the previous notifications’ Up-gradation of the posts of Junior Clerk, Senior Clerk, Assistant /Head Clerk, and Supritendents  FD.PC 39-14/77(Pt-IV) (APCA/08)(Provl) dated 04-01-2015 and Up-gradation notification issued in 2017  FD.PC 40-80/2015 dated 26.07.2017 and all other relevant notification that has a link to the up-gradation of posts.

The main points, regarding the up-gradation of posts in Punjab, to be explained are the following:

This clarification notification should be considered a clarification of all previous notifications issued from time to time with concern to the up-gradation of the various posts on time scale promotion for certain employees.

The main question of ambiguity in all previous notifications was:

whether the length of service for time scale promotion would be counted from the date of regular appointment or from the date of up-gradation of the post.”

With the new clarification notification, this issue has been resolved by clarifying that the length of service for time-scale promotion would be counted from the date of up-gradation, promotion, and regularization of the service whichever comes later on.

Now the above point needs more explanation as what is the meaning of “later on”?

To explain this properly, this can be understood by this example.

For example, a person is working on a post that has a time-scale promotion after 10 years. He was appointed, promoted, or got the regularization of his post in 2010. Now by this notification, this person automatically is upgraded to the next scale through time scale promotion in 2020.

I am sure now you have cleared your misunderstanding about the word “later on” which is mentioned in the latest clarification notification of 2019.

Now one thing I just want to clear here is what would be the role of the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) in this?

So to give you a better explanation of this new clarification notification, I must say that this new notification clearly indicates that where the time scale promotion is required for certain posts there will be no role of a DPC. The departments are now bound to automatically promote the employees who have successfully completed their required time period on a certain post.

The DPC will only be effective for the promotion of those posts that do not have time-scale promotion. And also to those where promotion is given only when a person is retired from service or died during his service. Only when the DPC will decide the promotion of the employee that is eligible next to that person. One thing to remember is that in this situation seniority it mattered the most.

Now if your promotion is due after this notification and also if you have a degree of Ph.D. M.Phil or LL.M and want to know the procedure to apply for getting Ph.D. M.Phil or LL.M Allowance you can click here.

So, this is the comprehensive explanation of the new Clarification notification of the Finance Department issued in 2019.

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Now if you have any questions regarding this Clarification of the Up-gradation of posts notification 2019 or want to know more about the procedure and way of getting this time-scale promotion then ask your question in the comment section given below.


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