Change your date Of Birth on CNIC through NADRA

Changing the Date of Birth on your CNIC is really a difficult task these days. When you apply CNIC in National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) then sometimes due to data entry mistake the wrong date of Birth published. You cannot simply change it. You have to undergo some procedure to Change your date Of Birth on CNIC through NADRA.

Today, many people still unaware of the procedure to change the date of Birth on CNIC / Birth Certificate (B. Form).

In this article, you will know about the procedure to change Date of Birth on CNIC and also different matters that are related to NADRA.

What Remedy Available?

When you apply your CNIC first time or second time for renewing it, they do Data Entry to put relevant data for you. Often it happens that they mistakenly mentioned wrong information, date, or year due to a lot of rush at the NADRA center.

So when you are caught in such an issue then the remedy available for you is to proceed to Civil Court. Because if you asked NADRA official to rectify this issue they simply ignore your request. When you aggrieved by such activity then file a Civil Suit against NADRA for correction of this issue. You will know about this Suit ahead in this article.

First, you should have an idea about the Documents which are required to Correct the Date of Birth in NADRA. Because when you go to NADRA to correct this, they asked you to bring an affidavit for correction just to went away from you. Actually, without filing suit this issue cannot be resolved. Get ready the following document.

Documents Required for Changing DOB on CNIC

Before filing such suit, you must have the following documents ready:

  • Birth Certificate of NADRA
  • Matriculation Degree
  • CNIC
  • Father’s CNIC (in case father name change needed)
  • Union council birth registration certificate (if required you must have it as well)

Time Limitation to File Suit

The Suit for correction in the Date of Birth is called declaratory suits. You must get a decree under section 42 of the Specific Relief Act 1877. There are 6-year time limitations available to file such suit as per article 120 of the Limitation Act of 1908. A famous case law 2015 MLD 1481 declares that a person aggrieved must file the suit within 6 years.

Procedure to Change your DOB on CNIC

First, you should file a suit in Civil Court in your city. Just fill out your plaint with the consultation of your advocate who knows how to put in all of your credentials like Date of Birth, your date of birth on your Matriculation certificate or date in union council birth certificate. The procedure is the same if you want to change the Name of Father on your CNIC.

After that attach the above-mentioned documents with your suit.

When you file your suit in the court then the court starts its proceeding, first by issuing the summons to NADRA officials to file their written reply.

When you were called upon to be cross-examined by the NADRA counsel you should have all the necessary documents with you.  After that when court proceeding will over, the court then give its judgment by directing the NADRA official to change your Date of Birth.

View the Legal Draft Format for Correction of Date of Birth from NADRA


To conclude the above discussion I must say that while applying for CNIC must verify your credentials when NADRA official asks you to testify it from Grade 17 officer. This is how you can save your precious time and a lot of money.


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