Causes of ongoing Environmental Changes and Threats

The Environmental changes and threats in the world are ongoing and heading toward a drastic event. There are so many causes for these environmental changes all around the world including Pakistan. Here I am going to discuss ongoing environmental changes and threats in the world.

Last week, the United Nations summit on climate change was held in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. Where efforts to reduce carbon emissions and their implementation were discussed.

A lot is being written about this terrible monster so that the inhabitants of this planet can be aware of who has caused the destruction of this planet and the people living on it with their own hands. But according to environmental scientists, it is of no use now. The red line has never been crossed.

According to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Grace, “perhaps the time has gone out of our hands and the rapid change in temperature indicates that after 8 years, life will become unbearable in many regions of the world including Pakistan”.

For the last 40 years, the drum of the tiger is being beaten, but now it is not the tiger of atmospheric temperature, but the tiger that is eager to pounce on our heads.

This means that we are very close to a global temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius, and if it reaches 1.8 degrees Celsius, people around the world will experience deadly heat and humidity, and millions of people will die. Insects will start dying like insects due to dangerous diseases.

In the recent summer, fifteen thousand people died due to this deadly heat in Europe alone. Spain and Germany were the most affected.

Just imagine, due to this high temperature, the continent of Europe faced the worst drought since the Middle Ages, thousands of years later, which means that it is a mini apocalypse in which all living things, including humans, can disappear from the planet.

A devastating flood was first revealed in Pakistan in 2010, the second time this year. Know the reason for this, the reason is that according to international research, Pakistan is located at the junction of two weather systems.

For this reason, Pakistan is most affected by global warming and climate change. One system brings unbearable heat and drought, while the other causes catastrophic floods due to abnormal monsoon rains.

Due to global warming, the ice mountains are melting at the North Pole and the South Pole. The ice area which covered 14 million km 42 years ago is now only 4 million km. The continent of Antarctica, where the ice was three and a half kilometers deep, which meant that 60% of the planet’s freshwater was stored here, is now melting because 100 million tons of ice is melting annually.

Not only this but more than seven thousand glaciers are also found in Pakistan. Rising temperatures will not only turn all these rare gifts of nature into water but will also cause immense destruction in the form of floods. Now floods will come every year. Summer will rain fire every year and winter will bring severe cold and blizzards.

Now you know the scientific interpretation of environmental destruction, and how it happens. Higher temperatures due to climate change are warming the lower parts of the atmosphere, which has led to increased evaporation of water. Thus, more water is reaching the air.

More water in Hawaii means more rain, which is linked to sudden storms and heavy downpours. Rapid evaporation of water is also causing prolonged drought in already drought-prone areas.

That is, due to the heat, the water is flying faster instead of staying on the ground. A recent study by the research institute Marine Science Barcelona (Spain) states that climate change is accelerating the water cycle. The study states that the process of evaporation is being observed at a faster rate than in the past, both in the sea and on land.

Researchers say the solution is a massive, immediate reduction in carbon dioxide consumption. All kinds of vehicles running on the earth, ships, and airplanes, are throwing thousands of tons of carbon into the atmosphere every day.

Calculate how much this amount is made in a month and a year, then why should the world not become hell, which has finally been made by the hands of man himself? Now it can be said that keep going my brother, keep creating havoc, don’t worry.

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