Benefits of the Islamic Justice System

O, believers! Stand up to bear witness to justice for Allah and do not let the enmity of the people persuade you to forsake justice. Do justice, for this, is a matter of piety and fear of Allah. There is no doubt that Allah is aware of all your deeds.” (Surah Al-Ma’idah)

Islamic Justice System

There are many benefits of the Islamic Justice System if we implement them in our country Pakistan. Pakistan was made in the name of Islam. But since its inception, it has not seen the full implementation of Islamic values.

The meaning of the saying of the Almighty: “And when you start to judge between people, a judge with justice.”

Allah advises you very well. No doubt! Allah hears (and) sees.” In Islam, a lot of emphases has been placed on justice and fairness, as this is the quality that the nations that adopt it are shunned by pride, and the societies in which there is a lack of this precious essence will gradually decline into destruction and destruction. They suffer from ruin.

This is the reason why the Quran and the blessed hadiths have laid great emphasis on the establishment of justice and fairness. As Muslims, it is necessary for us to follow the commands of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and the sayings of the Highest, and when Allah and His Messenger, peace, and blessings are upon him, decide on something, we must accept them wholeheartedly.

In the light of the orders, release justice in the true sense of the word in your society.

The Lord of the Universe urged the people of faith that whenever they decide between people, do it with fairness and justice, that is, if someone is a ruler or holds the position of judge or the head of a panchayat, in the same way, let him be the leader of the community.

If any person is in a position to do justice in any respect, then he should do justice precisely in the form of the arguments of the parties, circumstances and events, and testimonies or confessions and give the oppressed his full right against the oppressor and usurper. Take disciplinary action in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

Here it is worth remembering that it is not enough to give the right person his right, but it is also necessary to make the tyrant who usurped or trampled on this right a kafir character so that all the requirements of justice can be fulfilled.

Similarly, in this blessed verse, he further said, “Look, this matter is so sensitive to Allah that your Lord advises you well in this regard so that the greatness of this order becomes established in your hearts.”

He also said that surely Allah hears and sees, that is, do not understand that Allah is not aware of what you do on this earth. There is no such thing but that He hears and sees everything. Whether you whisper or think something in your heart and mind, Allah the Almighty listens to your heart and is watching what you do outwardly or inwardly.

Why did Allah mention these attributes in this blessed verse? He said this because the fear of Allah should arise in the hearts of the righteous and they should know that if we make wrong decisions intentionally or for any other reason, then Allah is watching over us and nothing of our actions is hidden from Him. Is.

In fact, justice is a great quality that gives stability to any nation or society and provides a guarantee of survival and justice is also the same for all. It is not fair that if a rich man commits a crime, he should be let off, while the poor are given the harshest punishments, as is seen in our society, and it is said that laws are made to be broken, and misfortunes ensue. Most law-breaking is done by some of the people who pass the laws in the assemblies.

Although in Islamic society, from a common man to a rich man, all orders are bound by Sharia, whoever commits a crime, should be punished accordingly. As the blessed hadith says, a respectable woman of Banu Makhzoom, a branch of Quraysh, stole from Fatima bint Aswad, and the people of Quraysh wanted her hand not to be cut off as she belonged to a respectable family.

Since this is a disgrace to our nation forever, he made Sayyiduna Osama bin Zayd RA, who was the son of Sayyidna Zayd Bin Haritha RA, the son of Rahmat Alam bin Haritha RA, and he was very dear to the Imam of the Universe.

The people of Quraysh believed that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) would not reject Osama’s recommendation and would forgive the woman’s crime. At the insistence of Quraysh, when Sayyiduna Osama bin Zaid (RA) appeared in the service of the Supreme and stated the claim of Quraysh, Umm al-Momineen Sayyida Aisha Siddiqa (RA) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said (to Usama RA): Do you follow the limits set by Allah Almighty? He intercedes for one of me.”

Then he stood up and gave a sermon in which he said: “O people! This is what killed the people before you, that when a respectable one among them stole, they would let him go, and when someone of low status stole, they would set a limit on him.” “If Fatimah bint Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, had been arrested today instead of Fatima bint Asad, I would have cut off her hand too.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

The Imam of the Universe (PBUH) set a bright example of justice and fairness in front of the world, which is a torch for the world. Of course, justice and fairness require that the right person should be given full justice and the oppressor should be punished for his crime so that the victim’s desire for revenge can be satisfied through the law, otherwise, crimes will continue to be committed in the society. And people will take the law into their own hands if they do not get justice. Islam directs complete justice and forbids oppression. A criminal can be punished only to the extent of the crime he has committed.

Punishment more than this will fall into the category of cruelty, which Islam does not allow at all. As the creator of the universe said about justice in his last book of guidance, meaning: “O you who believe! Stand up to witness justice for Allah and do not let the enmity of the people persuade you to leave justice. Do justice, for this, is a matter of piety and fear of Allah. There is no doubt that Allah is aware of all your deeds.” Be it and fulfill the covenant of Allah.” (Surat Al-An’am)

The importance of justice and justice is clear from these blessed verses, how sensitive and mandatory this process is, that its requirements should be carried out with the fear of Allah, and if while doing justice, even your nearest and dearest relatives are affected by it. If I am coming, then the demands of justice should be fulfilled without caring about relationships and all kinds of relationships, such as bribery, etc.

Maqtadar Sahib, the drunken people of wealth or power and wealth should be discouraged and they should refrain from oppression and violence this can only happen when there is absolute justice, which is missing in our society today due to humiliation and humiliation. Our destiny is fixed’ and we are left weightless in the community of nations. Allah loves those who do justice: “And do justice; indeed, God loves those who do justice.” (Surat al-Hujarat)

As if doing justice is the means of attaining divine love. Therefore, a Muslim seeks justice in speech, action, and decision-making. It is his physical attribute that cannot be separated from him in any case. His manner is that what he says and what he does is based on justice and fairness. A true Muslim stays far away from oppression and abuse. His justice cannot be shaken by any selfish or worldly desires and desires and because of these attributes, he deserves Allah’s love, pleasure, honors, and rewards.

Allah the Exalted has said that He loves those who do justice, and the Merciful Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has revealed the honor and dignity of those who do justice to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Meaning: “Those who do justice will be on the pulpits of light before Allah, those who do justice in their decisions, their families and those under their rule.” (Muslim)

It is known that doing justice is a means of attaining greatness and injustice is a means of oppression and destruction. While Adil Hukm Ran is one of the favorite people of Allah. The Imam of the Universe (peace be upon him) said, meaning:

“Seven types of people (on the Day of Resurrection) will be given a place by Allah in His shadow, while there will be no shade except His shadow, and among them will be a just Imam (i.e. thigh or Qazi).” (Sahih Bukhari)

There are many manifestations of justice in which a true Muslim stands out.

(1) First of all, Allah has the right to do justice to Him, that is, not to make anyone a partner in His worship and attributes. He should be thanked and avoid disbelief and ingratitude. It should be obeyed and disobedience avoided, remembered, and never forgotten. Unfortunately, humanity has always acted unjustly in this matter and made Allah’s creatures its accomplices.

Meaning: “Indeed! Shirk is the worst injustice.” (Surah Luqman)

(2) Justice in people’s decisions means that everyone who has the right will get his full right and his reward. Say: “You (peace be upon him) say that my Lord has ordered me to do justice.”

Justice and justice should be done between people in such a way that there should be no distinction between infidels and Muslims.

(3) There should be justice among wives and children, i.e. they should be equal and no one should be treated as superior or self-sacrificing.

(4) Be fair in speech, i.e. do not lie, avoid falsehood and falsehood.

(5) Adl means right and truth should be recognized in beliefs and ideas. Do not give place to the contrary facts and contrary things in the heart.

(6) Self-will, nepotism, and enmity should not come into the decision. In the society where this justice will be done, there will be peace, tranquility, and blessings from Allah.

The Companions understood this point well. It is related to Hazrat Abdullah bin Rawaha when the Imam of the Universe (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) sent him to the Jews of Khyber to estimate the fruits and crops there. The Jews offered him a bribe so that he would do something lenient.

He said: “By Allah, I have come as a representative of the one who is the most beloved to me in the world and you are the most disliked by me, but the love of my beloved, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and your enmity against me.” It cannot persuade me not to do justice in your case. Hearing this, these Jews said: “Because of this justice, this system of heaven and earth is established.” (Tafseer Ibn Kathir)

The nations that do justice and justice gain ascendancy in the world and peace and stability is created in their society. Islamic history is full of countless examples of justice. An Egyptian man came to the Caliph of the Muslims Sayyiduna Umar and said: “I am requesting you for protection.” He said, “You are protected. Tell me what is the matter?” He said: I had a horse race with the son of Amr bin As, I won and he kept beating me with a whip saying that I am a noble.

When Amr bin As found out, he arrested me for fear that I might not reach you. Now I am freed from there to serve you. Sayyiduna Umar bin Khattab wrote to the governor of Egypt, Umar bin As, that both you and your children met me during the days of Hajj and told the Egyptians that you should stay here until then. After completing the Hajj, Umar bin As and his son attended the service of Amirul Momineen.

The Egyptians also came. Sayyidna Umar bin Khattab gave a whip to the Egyptian’s hand and ordered him to beat the boy, so he beat him a lot. Meanwhile, Amirul Momineen was saying that beat the son of the dignitaries well. The Egyptian finally stopped beating and said: “Now I have got justice, my heart is happy.” Amirul Momineen said to Amr bin As Amr Since when did you start enslaving people? While their mothers have raised them free.

One of the results of justice in judgment is that it spreads satisfaction and peace in souls. It is narrated that Caesar, the king of Rome, sent his messenger to Sayyiduna Umar bin Khattab. He came to Madinah and asked: Where is your king? People said that we do not have a king but that we have a rich man and he has gone out of the city.

Even if that person goes out to search, he sees that the Amir of the Muslims is sleeping with his head on the sand. Durrah was a small stick that he kept with him at all times and used in Nahi-an-ul-Mankar. When the messenger saw it, his heart was filled with tears and he said: This person is sleeping alone with the satisfaction of which the kings of the world are trembling.

He said: O Umar, you have done justice, therefore you are in peace and contentment, and the kings of the world are cruel, therefore they are afraid and their sleep has been disturbed.

Justice in spending is such that there is neither wasteful spending nor miserliness, the state between extravagance and miserliness is correct. Moderation in dress is that it is neither for pride and arrogance nor rough and too patchy. Moderation in behavior is not to be arrogant and not to be in the color of extreme poverty and humiliation. In fact, moderation is a middle ground between extremes and extremes in every field. Justice, like steadfastness, is a sign of great virtue and high character for the man.

By its wealth, its possessor gets a hold on the limits of Allah and he is protected from laziness and deficiency in the performance of duties and does not suffer from excess in any part of worship. Justice ignites the “attribute of chastity” as a result of which the Muslim becomes accustomed to iqtafa on the halal and avoiding the haram. And when this attribute becomes the overall mood of a nation, then they will get a rise in the worldly sense as well, and success and success in the hereafter can also become their destiny.

On the contrary, the societies in which there is no justice between Allah and His servants. She wakes up in the deep pits of anonymity and humiliation. Sayyiduna Ali said that the government of disbelief can last, but the government of oppression cannot.

The meaning of the saying of Allah, Lord of the worlds: “Had these people not traveled in the country, they would have seen what happened to those who were before them.”

They were more powerful than them, and they tilled the land and settled it more than what they settled, and their messengers came to them with signs, so Allah was not unjust to them. Rather, they were wronging themselves. Then those who did evil (i.e. injustice by leaving the path of justice) their end was also bad because they used to deny the signs of Allah and make fun of them. (Surat al-Rum).

It is known that oppression against justice destroys nations. Allah Ta’ala and His last Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam have given orders for justice and fairness in all situations and the guarantee of the survival of nations is also implied in this attribute.


Today in our country, justice and fairness are scattered and the market of injustice is hot everywhere. If we want the stability and survival of our nation, we have to follow the Islamic justice system. Otherwise, humiliation and destruction will be our destiny. May Allah bless us all with justice and fairness so that our country is stable and developed and an atmosphere of peace and satisfaction is established everywhere. Ameen.

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