A Comparative Study of Sri Lanka and Pakistan

In this article, a comparative study of Sri Lanka and Pakistan is given. How are Sri Lanka and Pakistan comparable in the economy, politics, and other major things? The Sri Lankan President has fled the country. In this way, along with the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the political crisis has also become more serious. Meanwhile, Shahbaz Sharif’s government is saying that we have saved Pakistan from becoming Sri Lanka, Imran Khan’s position is that the government is going to make Pakistan Sri Lanka. Is.

Videos of public protests in Sri Lanka are being used to incite public sentiments in Pakistan. Tehreek-e-Insaaf is trying to somehow bring the people of Pakistan out like Sri Lanka, but they have not been successful yet.

In a comparative study of Sri Lanka and Pakistan,  Is there really any possibility of Pakistan becoming Sri Lanka? According to economists, there is no comparison between the economic and political conditions of the two countries. Tourism is a major source of Sri Lanka’s foreign exchange, accounting for twelve percent of the country’s economy. Remittances from overseas Sri Lankans and exports from the textile industry have also been major sources of Sri Lanka’s income. Sri Lanka’s economy was based on remittances from overseas Sri Lankans, textile exports, and tourism. The collapse of even one of these three was the possibility of the collapse of the Sri Lankan economy.

In 2019, there were two major incidents in Sri Lanka, the first was a suicide bomb blast in Colombo that killed 250 tourists. Along with this, the Corona epidemic also came. Due to this the tourism industry of Sri Lanka was completely closed, but businesses around the world were closed. What would Sri Lanka do in such a situation? Covid and the end of tourism are the main reasons for the Sri Lankan economy to sit down.

Pakistan has not been affected by Covid in this way, anyway, foreign tourism in Pakistan is almost non-existent, so what difference did Covid make to us? To compare Pakistan and Sri Lanka one has to understand this difference. The biggest challenge for any government in Sri Lanka today is to bring back tourists.

At present there is no peace and prosperity, so tourists are not going, until tomorrow the tourist attraction is not even their last option. Sri Lanka’s big problem has become that the dollar reserves in the country are exhausted. are gone, because of which there are no dollars to buy gasoline. Sri Lanka no longer even has the foreign exchange to buy medicines, so there is a severe shortage of medicines.

It is true that Pakistan is stuck in a debt trap. We are forced to borrow more to pay the installments. The world is not ready to lend us more. Severe financial mismanagement has put Pakistan in such a situation that we are compared to Sri Lanka. The World Financial Forum has not expressed any fear that Pakistan is likely to default like Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is seeking a loan of five billion dollars from the IMF, but this loan has not yet been received. If the IMF does not provide this loan and the tourism industry does not recover, Sri Lanka’s prospects for recovery from the current crisis are not bright. Photos and footage of political protests are no less than killer poison for Sri Lanka. The scenes emerging from there are not good for Sri Lanka.

In such situations, political and other stakeholders should try to sit together. Sri Lanka has to make a contracting economy within its country so that life can be restored there. In the case of Sri Lanka, it will not be wrong to say that some city people are also cruel, some of us also like to die. There, the internal conflict of power and the wrong foreign policy, especially the policy adopted in the Ukraine crisis, have also aggravated the crisis.

Pakistan is a nuclear country. It has an important position in the region. In such a situation, the world cannot treat Pakistan like Sri Lanka. There is no similarity between the situations of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. We don’t have any source of income that has been shut down, causing a crisis. Nothing happened suddenly in our country, so the analogy is not correct. The contracting economy is indispensable for Pakistan.

All the political forces have to come together and agree on a common road map on the major economic issues of this country. This is the only lesson we can learn from Sri Lanka. Just as Imran Khan’s government broke the agreement with the IMF as per its political need, it was an attempt to make Pakistan into Sri Lanka, so prevent any government from breaking the agreements with the International Financial Institutions as per their political need. Will be.


If a political party wants to create a Sri Lanka-like political crisis in the country despite the absence of a Sri Lanka-like financial crisis in Pakistan, that is a different matter. This is not a service of Pakistan. How much it is permissible to stake the country in the greed of power, is a matter of thinking. Perhaps the same has happened in Sri Lanka. It must be avoided.

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