Upgradation of Computer Personnel in Punjab: Notification of 14 December 2018

After a long and hectic wait, the Government of Punjab has issued a notification no. FD. PC. 40-43/2017(E) dated 14.12.2018 in which all the computer personnel of Punjab has been upgraded to their new scales. This notification has also described the service structure for them. This is a remarkable step for shaping the service structure for the IT-related staff of government of Punjab.

Many government departments have upgraded their computer staff upon this notification. But due to the vagueness of this notification, it was not adopted in many other departments of Punjab. All these departments have asked the finance department to get this notification to clarify. Many departments refused to upgrade their staff by saying that they did not get any proper advice from their head offices. So, they are not willing to up-grade the computer personnel.

Since 14 December 2018, so many departments had written to the finance department about the clarification but they did not reply to them as quickly as demanded. But now after 6 months of a long wait, the finance department has issued the clarification for notification.

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So, let’s have look at the clarification.

according to the first point of this clarification, the seats that had not been mentioned in that 14 December 2018 notification but they are related to a computer also come under the shade of up-gradation according to prescribed qualification and experience.

The second point clarifies that all the up-gradation and promotion will be done on the basis of qualification. For example, if a person holds the intermediate degree at the time of recruitment and now he is a graduate with 4 months of computer training so he’ll be upgraded in the 15th scale as a computer operator. And those who are recruited on graduation level and also have 3 years of work experience on this post will be upgraded in the 16th scale from the date of issuance of this notification.

The third point is that re-structuring of such post from now on will be considered as per the qualification mentioned against each post in the 14 December 2018 notification.

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The fourth point clarifies that where only one tier available for promotion or up-gradation it will be done on regular 8 years of service. For example, if a person is now upgraded in 16th scale and now he has only one tier of grade 17 above him, so he must have to complete the 8 years of service on this 16th scale seat to be considered.

The fifth and final point say that where more than one tier is available then the up-gradation will be done on the prescribed qualification as per the notification.

For example, there are two persons. One is working on the same post for 3 years and also he is recruited on the graduation level then according to this notification and clarification he will be upgraded in 16th scale. And the other person who is recruited on the same qualification but did not complete the 3 years of service on the same post on the date of issuance of the notification of 14 December 2018 he will be upgraded in the 15th scale.

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You can download the Up-gradation Notification of 14 December 2018 of computer personnel along with clarification notification dated 24.07.2019 of Finance Department by clicking here.

So, now this clarification has clear the minds of many people including the Heads of the government departments of Punjab. Now if someone has any query or question regarding this clarification and up-gradation of computer personnel he can ask in the comment section below.

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  1. Jinab ma azad Kashmir se belong krta hn aur graduation 1st division ki hwi ha aj ki tareekh tk 12 sal 6 mahina ho chke hn plz mje b guide krn mje b koi time scale ka fayda ho ga aur kon sa scale mile ga. Plz guide me.
    Muhammad Waheed Khan
    Computer operator B-12

    1. Brother this notification is only for Punjab Employees. In Azad Kashmir maybe you have your service structure if yes then contact with your accounts department. And if not then try to move some other post which jis ka service structure mojood ho. because computer operator ki post mostly upgrade kam he hoti he bus jis seat par bharti hota he wohi reh jata. So better to move on some other post like Stenographer or Assistant both are good jobs. If you still need any help you can ask again.

  2. second In clarification the revised prescribed qualification may be considered for up-gradation for example if a person recruited on the basis of intermediate, now he has graudation+4month computer language courses . so where he fall his grade 12 or 15?
    Third in clarification restructuring the post with existing prescribed qualification what is the means of existing prescribed qualification. Is means that at the time of recruitment the existing qualification? Or is means that now he has now existing qualification?
    Third in clarification what is the means possessed of qualification. Is means that the qualification at the time of recruitment base or he has now existing qualification?

    1. Dear Brother! First, If the current post you are working on, the required qualification for this was Intermediate then your revised post name is Junior Computer Operator and will remain in BPS-12. Second, IF now you are Graduated with minimum 4 months of computer training then after this notification your post will be redesigned as Computer Operator BPS-15. Third, The existing prescribed qualification means that from now on the minimum qualification for these post will be the revised qualification for the fresh appointment, promotion.
      Fourth, possessed qualification means the qualification an employee had at the time of recruitment. If you have still had a question you can ask freely.

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