MCQs of Library Science: History & Development (Quiz 07)

MCQs Library Science about it History & Development. This is quiz 07 of the history & development of Library Science. You’ll find questions about Library Science in MCQ format. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences, then the history and development of Library Science are so important to understand. So we have arranged these MCQs of Library Science for its understanding of history and development over time.

LIS MCQs of History & Development – Quiz 07

The following are the MCQs of Library Science about History & Development Quiz 07:

241. Secondary School Library Resources and Services In Karachi were published in 1989 by:
A. Muneeb Ahmad
B. Qaslm Sheikh
C. Naslm Fatima
D. Mohsin Alvi
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242. The largest repository_ of 300,000 e-books is available In the database of:
A. Yahoo
B. Gigapedia
C. Google
D. Wikipedia
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243. Temporary cooperation of a number of powers, companies et (C) for a common purpose is known as:
A. Cooperation
B. Resource Sharing
C. Consortium
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244. . Every library is liable to send its respective holding to other libraries under the program of:
A. Training
B. Resource sharing
C. Seminar
D. Workshop
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245. A listing of items in a library by a particular author would be a:

A. WebHography
B. Subject bibliography
C. Pathfinder
D. Annotation
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246. Library collection development includes:
A. The creation of policies to guide material selection
B. Replacement of worn or lost materials
C. Planning for new collections or collection areas
D. All of the above
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247. The processes of collection development Include:
A. Gifts and exchange
B. Selection and deselection
c. Evaluation and preservation
D. All of the above
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248. The non-monetary gifts Including book, manuscripts, media, maps, etc. are called:
A. Exchange
e. Donation
C. Gift-In-kind
D. Gifts of money
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249. The following material will not accept ed through gift-in-kind donation except:
A. Serials subscriptions
B. Dictionaries
c. Back Issues of serials
D. Duplicates
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250. The criteria used to select materials for the library collection may include:
A. Scholarly reviews
B. Available space and physical characteristics of the material
C. Curricular needs
D. All of the above
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251. An abstract is:
A. The author’s biography
B. A factual summary of a work
C. The first paragraph of an article
D. Critical analysis of work
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252. All of the following are children’s encyclopedias except:
A. World Book Encyclopedia
B. New Book of Knowledge
C. Compton’s Encyclopedia
D. Columbia Encyclopedia
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253. All of the following are meta-dictionary sites except:
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254. All of the following are uses of general word dictionaries except:
A. Verify meanings
B. Pronounce words
C. Determine the least meanings of a word
D. Define words
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255. A set of electronic documents presented as text-based document types is known as:
A. electronic books
B. electronic newspapers
C. electronic journals
D. All of the above
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256. A set of electronic documents presented as non-text-based document types is known as:
A. Digital image
B. Audio & video file
C. Animation & multimedia
D. All of the above
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257. A set of. electronic document or other resources presented as meta resource types Is known as:
A. Archival finding aid
B. Bibliography & catalog
C. Abstracts & Indexes
D. All of the above
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258. Which one is the largest Urdu Newspaper of Pakistan?
A. Khabraln
B. The Daily Express
C. The Daily Jang
D. Nawa-i-Waqt
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259. Which one is the highest circulated English Newspaper in the world?
A. Washington Post
B. The Herald
C. The Guardian
D. The Sun
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