MCQs of Library Science: History & Development (Quiz 01)

MCQs of History & Development of Library Science during different periods of time. This is quiz 01 of history & development Library Science. You’ll find questions about Library Science in MCQ format. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences, then the history and development of Library Science are so important to you.

LIS MCQs of History & Development (Quiz 01)

The following are the MCQs of Library Science about History & Development:

1. Where the earliest collections were probably associated in?
A. Libraries
B. Museums
C. Temples and Shrines
D. Archives
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2. The Lyceum was a larger institution than the academy; its work supported by both a library and a museum was founded in:
A. 336 BC
B. 425 BC
C. 226 BC
D. 500 BC
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3. Mesopotamia was the great civilization based on the many cultures sited on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers of the near east beginning about:
A. 2500 BC
B. 4500 BC
C. 3500 BC
D. 4000 BC
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4. Plutarch mentions that 200,000 books were transpired from Pergamum library to

A. Patriarchal Library
B. Alexandria Library
C. Imperial Library
D. Macedonia Library
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5. Which library was established under the first two Ptolemies early in the third century BC?

A. Pergamum Library
B. Macedonia Library
C. Alexandria library
D. Patriarchal Library
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6. A great Library of Ashurbanipal’s was established in the city of
A. Nineveh
B. B. Babylonia
C. C. Baghdad
D. D. Macedonia
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7. Ancient Greek city located in Anatolia (Turkey) had one of the most
important libraries in the ancient world:

A. Nippur library
B. Alexandria Library
C. Pergamum Library
D. Imperial Library
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8. Alexander had established the Alexandria Library in the year

A. 390 BC
B. 350 BC
C. 323 BC
D. 300 BC
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9. In Alexandria Library, the national bibliography was carried out under the supervision of:

A. Byzantium
B. Aristophanes
C. Eratosthenes
D. Callimachus
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10. In Alexandria Library, the bibliography was based on a shelf list written on tablets; the word used for this work was:

A. Pinakes
B. Index
C. Bibliography
D. Catalogue
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11. There is also evidence of libraries at Nippur (Iraq) about:

A. 1500 BC
B. 1600 BC
C. 1700 BC
D. 1900 BC
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12. The first most distinguished library established by Assurbanipal at his place Nineveh in the year:

A. 631-366 BC
B. 631-668 BC
C. 461-468 BC
D. 431-466 BC
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13. The first •Public Library of the Arab “Bayt-ul-Hikmah Library” was established in:

A. Damascus in 687-709
B. Cairo in 786-809
C. Baghdad in 786-809
D. Baghdad in 687-799
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14. The Bayt-ul-Hikmah was established by:

A. Mamun-ul-Rashid
B. Al-Hakim
C. Harun-ul-Rashid
D. AI-Qahir
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15. Dar-ul-Hikmah was established by the Fatimid al-Hakim in:

A. 1205 AD
B. 1005 AD
C. 970 AD
D. 780 AD
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16. A bibliography “AI-Fihrist” demonstrates the devotion of medieval Muslim scholars to books and reliable sources; it contains a description of thousands of books circulating in the Islamic world circa 1000, was compiled by:

A. Mamoon-ur-Rashid
B. Ibn-e-Batota
C. Ibn al-Nadim
D. Haroon-ur-Rashid

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17. The clay tablets of Mesopotamia, dating back as far as:

A. 5500 BC
B. 4000 BC
C. 3500 BC
D. 3000 BC
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18. Chinese paper making_ techniques were introduced to Japan in the year

A. 760 AD
B. 720 AD
C. 610 AD
D. 500 AD
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19. The skins of sheep, goats, and cattle, were all used for binding or, more frequently as a writing surface is called:

A. Parchment
B. Codex
C. Clay tablets
D. Papyrus
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20. A paper was made of grass-like water plant is known as:

A. Paporious
B. Neem
C. Sanober
D. Papyrus
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20. A paper was made of grass-like water plant is known as:

A. Paporious
B. Neem
C. Sanober
D. Papyrus
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21. The height of papyrus roil is:

A. 1.3 inches
B. 4 inches
C. 6 inches
D. 12 inches
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22. Which earliest form of writing was (probably) invented in Uruk Mesopotamia around 3000 BC?

A. Logographic
B. Cuneiform
C. Consonantal
D. Syllabic
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23. In which era, the parchment was used?

A. 2300 BC
B. 220 BC
C. 500 BC
D. 700 BC
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24. An ancient book composed of pieces of writing material-fastened together is known as:

A. Codex
B. Textbook
C. Parchment
D. Binding book
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25. Calf skin used as writing material in olden days is called:
A. Papyrus
B. Parchment
C. Vellum
D. Codex
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26. Gutenberg was the first in Western Europe to develop a printing press in:
A. 1600 AD
B. 1550 AD
C. 1500.AD
D. 1450 AD
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27. In which country, silk and wood were used as writing materials?
A. Greece
B. Italy
C. Egypt
D. China
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28. Cuneiform writing is found on the inscriptions of:
A. Macedonia
B. Babylonia
C. Egypt
D. Arab
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29. The paragraph or so printed on the cover or dust jacket of a book which
almost always tells you how important the book is:

A. Manuscript
B. Monograph
C. Blurb
D. Title
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30. The book printed before 1501 AD is known as:

A. Incunabula
B. Manuscript
C. Codex
D. Holograph
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31. National Library and Archives in Cairo is the largest library in:
A. Morocco
B. Algeria
C. Egypt
D. Tunisia
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32. Where was modern printing invented?
A. Germany
B. Italy
C. Spain
D. China
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33. The printing was started in Europe in:
A. 17th century
B. 16th century
C. 15th century
D. 14th century
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34. The printing was started in America in:
A. 1730
B. 1630
C. 1530
D. 1430
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35. A method of printing using a stone or a metal plate with a completely
smooth surface is known as:

A. Lithography
B. Offset printing
C. Holography
D. Lomography
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36. A commonly used printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface is called:
A. Lithography
B. Offset printing
C. Electronic printing
D. Lomography
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37. Most commonly used scripting word is:
A. Italic
B. Hebrew
C. Cyrillic
D. Roman
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38. A place where manuscripts are kept is known as:

A. Scriptorium
B. Shelve
C. Cardex
D. Catalogue
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39. The first English newspaper entitled “Corrant out of Italy” came out in:
A. 1606
B. 1609
C. 1610
D. 1620
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40. The first newspaper in America was “Public Occurrences” which appeared in
Boston in:

A. 1600
B. 1620
C. 1700
D. 1720
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