MCQs of Library Marketing (Quiz 02)

MCQs of Library Science about Library Marketing. Here you will find the MCQs of Library Marketing. We have arranged these MCQs in Quiz format. This is the Quiz 02 of MCQs of Library Marketing. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences, then the knowledge about MCQs of Library Marketing is so important to you. So we have arranged these MCQs of Library Science for understanding its Marketing.

MCQs of Library Marketing (Quiz 02)

The following are the MCQs of Library Marketing:

41. Marketing information from which of the following databases can be accessed more quickly and cheaply?

A. Representatives
B. Internal
C. External
D. Internal & External
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42. Which method of research can be used to obtain information if people are unwilling or unable to provide?

A. Observations
B. Personal interviews
C. Questionnaires
D. Focus groups
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43. Which marketing mix activity is most closely associated with news, letters, catalogues, and invitations to organization-sponsored events?

A. Product
B. Promotion
C. Pricing
D. Distribution
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44. Which is the most useful source of speedier and more comprehensive information?

A. Distribution
B. Library report
C. Users
D. Suppliers
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45. A change in an individual’s behavior prompted by information and experience refers to which concept?

A. Perception
B. Motivation
C. Role selection
D. Learning
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46. Which is a key to build lasting relationships with consumers?

A. Need recognition
B. Quality materials
C. User’s satisfaction
D. Collection
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47. Which one of the library marketing banners display they are portable and easy to setup?

A. Retractable banners
B. Notice boards
C. Bulletin boards
D. A-frame signs
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48. A-frame signs are used commercially to promote, describe, and sell products and services also known as:

A. Pole banners
B. Notice boards
C. Sandwich boards
D. Bulletin boards
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49. One of them is not a successful approach for libraries to develop a variety of creative and innovative promotion strategies:

A. Reading material
B. Interactive website
C. Blog
D. Library bag
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50. Which equipment is required to show simple, changeable messages about library events and services?

A. Signboard
B. Posters
C. Electronic sign
D. Banner
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51. Library entryways, foyers, and lobbies provide numerous opportunities to direct your patrons, provide layout information, entries should be warm and inviting is called:

A. Library marketing
B. Library organization
C. Library direction
D. Library planning
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52. The cabinets will proudly display your rare books and incunables, while keeping out dust and keeping your special collections from walking out the door, is called:

A. Bulletin boards
B. Sandwich boards
C. Curio boards
D. Notice boards
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53. The group that uses the library facilities is potentially an organized advocacy group. If you meet their needs, library facility can become multi-purpose, these facilities are called:

A. Auditorium & meeting rooms
B. Lobbies
C. Entrance hall
D. Study rooms
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54. The equipment can be used in many different settings and events such as lectures, seminars, concerts and presentations also known as lecterns, pulpits and presentation stands:

A. Multimedia
B. Computers
C. Podiums
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55. _____ should not only provide information about your library, they should also show your style.

A. Podium system
B. A/V systems
C. Sign systems
D. Camera systems
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56. Libraries have been looking for retail sales displays that are designed to be ergonomic and show off the books, bookmarks, mugs, Ebrary bags and book related items to increase their:

A. Users
B. Clients
C. Collection
D. Revenue
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57. Libraries that form a ___ collect information on each user’s department, transaction, behavior, concern, and activity.

A. Supply-chain network
B. Sales network
C. Marketing network
D. Holistic union
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58. Which one is not a security product?

A. Strips
8. Book cards
C. Detection gates
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59. Which one is not a checkpoint product?

A. Toner
C. Security strip
D. Barcode
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60. Library services available to clients such as interlibrary loan, reference, children’s programming, or web access, are known as:

A. Place
B. Price
C. Product
D. Promotion
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