LL.B Part-III: Law of Torts and Easement Past Paper Annual 2020

Here you will find LL.B Part-III Law of Torts and Easement Past Paper Annual 2020. This Law of Torts and Easement paper is the fifth paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-III examination. Find below the past paper of the Law of Torts and Easement Annual 2020.

Note: Attempt FOUR Questions from Part-I and ONE question from Part ll. All questions carry equal marks.


Q1. When and how does the vicarious liability of an employer arise for the acts of his employee? Should one person be responsible for the acts of another?

Q2. What is the difference between:

  • tort and crime
  • tort and contract

Q3. Explain the law regarding false imprisonment.

Q4. What are the general remedies under the law of torts?

Q5. Write notes on the following:

  1. Volenti non-fit injuria
  2. Act of God
  3. Private defense of person and property

Q6. What are various defenses in an action of negligence? Explain the concept of the primary and secondary victim.

Q7. Discuss the concept of death as extinguishing and creating liability.

Q8. Discuss the law regarding damnum sine injuria and injuria sine damnum?


Q9. Discuss the concept of easement and its essential characteristics.

Q10. What sire various incidents of easements?

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