LL.B Part-III: Islamic Jurisprudence Past Paper Annual 2017

Here you will find LL.B Part-III Islamic Jurisprudence Past Paper Annual 2017. This Islamic Jurisprudence paper is the first paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-III examination. Find below the past paper of the Islamic Jurisprudence Annual 2017.

Note: Attempt any FIVE questions.

Q1. Quran Majeed holds an important and pivotal role in Islamic Legislation, kindly explain.

Q2. Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is an integral part of the Quran. Discuss the role of Sunnah in Islamic Legislation.

Q3. Islamic law shall remain practicable as long as Muslims keep the door of Ijteh’ad open. Discuss.

Q4. Muslim Jurists had a remarkable role in the compilation and codification of Islamic Law. Elucidate.

Q5. What are the different kinds of punishments known to Islamic Law? Can Qisas and Diyat the regarded as had Law?

Q6. Please explain the different traditional sources of revenue of an Islamic State.

Q7. Islam is not gender-biased as far as the testimony of women is concerned; rather it has adopted a more pragmatic approach in founding its Evidence law. Explain.

Q8. Kindly explain the concept of ownership under Islamic injunctions and the different modes of acquiring and losing it.

Q9. Islam allows certain acts during the course of the war and restricts some others. Elucidate.

Q10. Write short notes on the following:

  • Public rights & private rights
  • Ijma

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