LL.B Part-III: English Language Past Paper Supplementary 2016

Here you will find LL.B Part-III English Language Past Paper Supplementary 2016. This English Language paper is the eighth paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-III examination. Find below the past paper of the English Language Supplementary 2016.

Note: Attempt all questions.

Q1. Attempt any three of the following questions:

  1. Discuss the theme of hallucination in “The Signalman.”
  2. Discuss the father-son relationship in “The Fly in the Ointment.”
  3. Discuss prison as a metaphor in “The Prison.”
  4. Discuss the theme of human loneliness in “The
  5. Who is the real enemy in “The Enemy?”

Q2. Make a Precis of the following paragraph. (Mere copying the paragraph would not fetch good marks. Use your own language).

Science offers the possibility of far greater well-being for the human race than has ever been known before. It offers this on certain conditions, abolition of war, even distribution of
ultimate power, and limitation of the growth of population. A11 these are much nearer to bringing possible than they were ever before. In western industrial countries as they become
modernized, this thing can become a reality if power is not usurped by dictators and missionaries. If the world population keeps on growing at its present pace, the equal distribution of wealth would be impossible. The prevention of wars? Unfortunately, in present times, countries are fighting to stop wars a paradox in itself. Humanity has to cover a long and arduous journey to reach the destination of human happiness. Till then, we can only struggle for a glorious future. (140 words)

Q3. Change the narration of any five of the followings:

  1. Mr. David said, “I can’t stand the humid weather here.”
  2. Mohsin said, “I am not feeling well.”
  3. The teacher said to me, “One must have the courage to face failure in life.”
  4. Nabila said, “My brother is playing in the next room.”
  5. The teacher said to the students, “The earth revolves around the sun”.
  6. He asked, “Have you finished your work”.
  7. She said, “Don’t touch the glass”

Q4. Correct any five of the followings:

  1. There is no place in the compartment.
  2. Kindly pass order for his release.
  3. He has a large quantity of books.
  4. He gave a speech.
  5. He enjoyed during the holidays.
  6. It was five yeai Pack that he died.
  7. He is more better than I.

Q5. In each of the following choose the word which best completes the sentence. (Any five)

1. She remained tense. the whole day, and when she reached home, she was ___.

a) Exhausted b) blissful c) contemplative

2. After all, he had to confide ___ somebody.

a) on b) at c) in

3. It is difficult to read what you write. Your writing is not ___.

a) Punitive b) legible c) authoritative

4. You cannot bring me round through ___.

a) Coercion b) complaining c) framing

5. Some wrongs can be ___ through strict actions.

a) remedied b) branded c) veiled

6. Exports in the chemicals and sugar sectors have ___ a phenomenal rise this year.

a) projected b) registered c) declared

7. The older employees are ___ of the country.

a) capable b) backbone c) Confident

Q6. Write a dialogue with two friends about how to eradicate corruption from society.

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