LL.B Part-III: English Language Past Paper Annual 2016

Here you will find LL.B Part-III English Language Past Paper Annual 2016. This English Language paper is the eighth paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-III examination. Find below the past paper of the English Language Law Annual 2016.

Note: Attempt all questions.

Q1. Attempt any three of the following questions:

  1. Is the protagonist in “The signalman” deluded about the external reality?
  2. In “The Fly in the Ointment,” the father is more optimistic than the son. Prove or refute.
  3. “The Prison” explores the idea of confinement at various levels in our lives. Discuss.
  4. Discuss the theme of split personality in “Lady the Looking Glass.”
  5. Discuss the use of language in “The Enemy.

Q2. Make a Precis of the following paragraph. (Mere copying the paragraph would not fetch good marks. Use your own language).

Provided we choose some right kind of books, reading gives the highest kind of pleasure. Some books are simply read for pleasure, for example, good novels and stores Novels and books of imagination must have their place in everybody’s reading. When we are tired or we are weary from the day’s serious work, it is a healthy recreation to lose ourselves in some absorbing story written by a great author.

However, to read nothing but books of fiction only are like eating nothing but sweets and cakes just as we need plain and wholesome food for our bodies, so we must have a serious reading of our minds. In the field of books, there is a great variety and we can choose according to our choice and needs. There are innumerable books of history, biography, travels religion, and philosophy we must read, it will give us not only pleasure but education. And we can develop a taste for serious reading so that in the end it will give us more solid pleasure than any novels and stories of fiction. (178 Words).

Q3. Change the narration of any five of the followings.

  1. Mr. David said, “I will not accompany you to France.”
  2. Mohsin said, “I am unable to discharge my duties.”
  3. The teacher said to me, “Don’t think of success without hard work.
  4. She said to me, “My brother has the courage to weather every storm.”
  5. The teacher said to the students, “The earth revolves around the sun.”
  6. He asked me, “Have you finished reading the book.”
  7. She said, “Don’t you dare touch my things on the table.”

Q4. Correct any five of the followings.

  1. Abid wants to continue his study.
  2. I bought some stationaries.
  3. He is a coward person.
  4. Ravi is a famous river.
  5. Ten miles is a long distance.
  6. My pen is superior to you.
  7. You and Rizwan has done your work.

Q5. in each of the following chose the word which best completes the sentence. (Any five)

1. Even after hearing for a fairly long time, we were at a loss to know what he was driving
a) to b) on c) at

2. The investigation revealed — evidence, all pointing to murder.
a) dangerous b) Incriminating c) doubtful

3. He was visibly unnerved when he was with the documents bearing his signature.
a) Punitive b) legible c) confronted

4. The facts ___ to my report in your newspaper are wrong.

a) Contributed b) Attributed c) Alleged

5. His handling of the situation landed his parry into trouble.

a) Inept b) Skillful c) Inspired

6. Exports in the chemicals and sugar sectors have ___ a phenomenal rise this year.

a) Projected b) Registered c) Declared

6. Nadia looks ___ the sapling as if it were her child.

a) Upon b) after c) For

Q6. Write a dialogue between two friends about how the importance of technical and vocation education in the present times.

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