LL.B Part-III: Constitutional Law-I Past Paper Supplementary 2017

Here you will find LL.B Part-III Constitutional Law-I Past Paper Supplementary 2017. This Constitutional Law-I paper is the third paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-III examination. Find below the past paper of the Constitutional Law-I Supplementary 2017.

Note: Attempt any SIX questions. THREE from Part-I and THREE questions from Part ll. Each question carries equal marks.


Q1. Discuss in detail the salient features of the British Constitution.

Q2. Discuss fully the doctrine of Ministerial responsibility under the British Constitution.

Q3. Explain the concept of Supremacy of the British Parliament. Do you think that British Parliament has absolute legislative supremacy? Give the reasons for and against this statement.

Q4. Legal and non-Legal sources have played a significant role in the development of the British Constitution. Explain these two sources.

Q5. Explain Dicey’s exposition of the “rule of law” and highlight the criticism of different Legal Scholars against this Doctrine.

Q6. House of Commons is the most powerful organ of the British Parliament. Explain.


Q7. Give a brief account of the Constitution History of the USA.

Q8. Discuss in detail the Constitutional powers of the US President.

Q9. What are the role and powers of the US Congress and their limitations?

Q10. Discuss the theory of Separation of powers and its role in the US Constitution.

Q11. Write Comprehensive notes on any two of the following:

  1. Me Culloch vs Maryland “Case (17 U.S. 316, 1819)
  2. Sources of the US Constitution
  3. Due Process of Law under the US Constitution
  4. Judicial Review

Q12. Explain the “Bill of Rights” under the US Constitution.

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