LL.B Part-II: Introduction to Legal Systems Past Paper Annual 2018

Here you will find LL.B Part-II “Introduction to Legal Systems” Past Paper Annual 2018. This Introduction to Legal Systems paper is the fifth paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-II examination. Find below the past paper of Introduction to Legal Systems Annual 2018.

Note: Attempt any five questions. Select THREE from Part-I and TWO from Part-ll. All questions carry equal marks.

Part-I (World Legal System) (60 Marks)

Q1. (a) Define the term legal system and discuss the sources of a Legal System.
(b) The impact of globalization on the World legal system.

Q2. (a) What do you understand by the term ’Common Law’ and elaborate on the similarities and dissimilarities between the Common Law legal system and the Civil Law legal system?

(b) Enumerate the characteristics of Civil Law Traditions.

Q3. (a) Discuss the historical development of the Roman Legal System and its influence on the World legal system.

(b) Discuss the fundamental features of the law of the Twelve Tables in the Roman legal system.

Q4. (a) What is meant by “Natural Justice” and discuss the scope of principles of the Natural Justice system in the World legal system.

(b) Explain the phrases Audi Alterm Partem and Nemo in Propria Causa Judex, Ease debet.

Q5. (a) Discuss the Landscape and Building Blocks of Global Legal Systems.

(b) Enumerate the Salient features of the Charter of Magna Carta (1215).

Q6. Write a short note on any two of the following: (10+10=20)

  • Hybrid Legal System
  • Islamic Legal System
  • Code of Hammurabi
  • Globalization vis-a-vis World Legal System

Part-ll (Legal System of Pakistan) (40 Marks)

Q7. Discuss the historical development of the Legal System of Pakistan and its present-day form.

Q8. Discuss the scope and nature of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADRs) and factors favoring the adoption of ADRs techniques and processes in Pakistan’s Legal System.

Q9. What do you understand by the term “Modern Legal System” and elaborate on the prerequisites of a Modern Legal System?

Q10. Write a short not on any two of the following: (10+10= 20)

  • Law-making procedure in Pakistan
  • Role of Courts in the promotion of ADRs in Pakistan
  • Courts System of Pakistan
  • The election and removal of the President of Pakistan

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