LL.B Part-II: Introduction to Legal System Past Paper Supplementary 2020

Here you will find LL.B Part-II Introduction to Legal System Past Paper Supplementary 2020. This Introduction to Legal System paper is the fifth paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-II examination. Find below the past paper of the Introduction to Legal System Supplementary 2020.

Note: Attempt any FIVE Questions in all by selecting THREE questions from Part-I and TWO questions from Part ll. All questions carry equal marks.


Q1. Discuss Quran as a ground norm in the Islamic Legal system. Also, discuss the legislative potential of the Quran as a Primary source of Islamic Law.

Q2. Discuss the landscape and building blocks of the global legal system. Discuss the doctrine of rule of law in establishing Supremacy of Law.

Q3. Discuss the historical development of the Roman legal system and its impact on the World Legal System and its influence on other legal system.

Q4. Elucidate similarities and differences between common law and Civil law legal systems.

Q5. Define custom as a source of Law. Also, discuss the essential features necessary for the validity and application of Customary Law.

Q6. Write notes on the following:

  1. Ijtihad has a source
  2. Hybrid Legal System
  3. Classification of Courts in Common Law
  4. The Magna Carta (1215)


Q7. Define the doctrine of Judicial review and highlight its significance as glorified by superior courts in Pakistan.

Q8. Critically discuss the salient features of the legal system of Pakistan.

Q9. Alternate Dispute Resolution is an accepted mode to resolve disputes. Describe the significance and reasons for the acceptability of this mode in the Legal system of Pakistan.

Q10. Write notes on the following:

  1. President as head of Federation in Pakistan
  2. Article 8 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973

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