LL.B Part-II: Introduction to Legal System Past Paper Annual 2020

Here you will find LL.B Part-II Introduction to Legal System Past Paper Annual 2020. This Introduction to Legal System paper is the fifth paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-II examination. Find below the past paper of the Introduction to Legal System Annual 2020.

Note: Attempt any FIVE Questions in all by selecting THREE questions from Part-I and TWO questions from Part ll. All questions carry equal marks.


Q1. Explain the effects of globalization on contemporary legal systems of the world.

Q2. Discuss Quran as the primary source of the Islamic legal system.

Q3. Discuss the historical development of the Roman legal system and its impact on the World Legal System. Enumerate the basic features of the Law of Twelve tables in the Roman Legal System.

Q4. Explain the scope of Principles of natural justice with special reference to principles of “Audi Alteram Partem” and principle against “Bias”?

Q5. Discuss in detail the various theories of punishment in the Islamic Legal System.

Q6. Write notes on the following:

  • Ijma as a source of the Islamic Legal System
  • Sources of Common Law


Q7. What is meant by Prerogative Writs? Explain the jurisdiction given under Articles 199 & 184(3) of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973.

Q8. Discuss the composition and jurisdictions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Q9. Explain the factors which favor the adoption of ADR processes and discuss the role of courts in Pakistan in promoting ADR as an effective instrument to resolve disputes.

Q10. Discuss the powers, and election procedure of the President of Pakistan enunciated in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973.

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