LL.B Part-II: English-II Past Paper Annual 2018

Here you will find LL.B Part-II English-II Past Paper Annual 2018. This English-II paper is the first paper in the LL.B (5 years) Part-II examination. Find below the past paper of English-II Annual 2018.

Q1. Attempt any three of the following questions (100 – 150 words). 20+20+20=60
a) What is the symbolic significance of the title Elephant?
b) Conradin, the central character in the short story Sredni Vashtar, is a sensitive child who uses his active imagination to deal with his painful situation. Discuss.
c) Write a note on the alarming aspects of the report in the short story The Report on The Threatened City by Doris Lessing.
d) What makes the short story The Prison so sad? How does Bernard Malamud strikingly portray Tommy’s desire to escape?
e) Discuss the thematic concerns of the short story Real Time by Amit Chaudhri

Q.2. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions given at the end: 3+3+3+3+3=15

It is usual to speak of courage as of two kinds: physical courage and moral courage. The distinction is quite sound; for a man can have one without the other. By physical courage, we mean the courage to face physical danger such as pain, injury, death, etc. By moral courage, we imply courage to face ridicule, hatred, and public disapproval for the sake of what we believe to be right. A soldier, who can face shells and guns, may be unable to face the mockery of his companions. He is physically brave, but a moral coward. On the other hand, those who dare to defy public opinion for conscience’s sake cannot face bodily torture. They are morally brave, but physically cowards. Moral courage is a test of character. Danger and physical risks test our nerves and strengths only but it requires an exceptional man to overcome temptations and stay honest when his children are starving. True manliness is of the mind, not of the body. The body suffers for a time and forgets all about it. But the torture and pain of the mind may continue for years. The man. who suffers patiently without complaining because he thinks he is in the right is truly brave.


a. Suggest a suitable title.
b. How are the types of courage different?
c. What is meant by moral courage?
d. How is moral courage better than physical courage?
e. Give a synonym for the word “mockery”.

Q3. Write an essay of not more than 350 words on the topic given below: 25 Marks

  • Environmental Pollution

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