Library Science MCQs: Research & Statistical Methods – Quiz-5

LIS MCQs for Research & Statistical Methods. Here you will find the Library Science MCQs about Research & Statistical Methods. This is Quiz-5 of the Research & Statistical Methods MCQ series. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs of Library Research & Statistical Methods are very important for you. In these MCQs, the Library Research & Statistical Methods are discussed.

The Research and Statistical Methods are discussed in multiple choice question and answer (MCQs).

LIS MCQs about Research & Statistical Methods

Find below the MCQs of Library Research & Statistical Methods.

201. The non-sampling errors can be controlled to some extent by:
A. Post-testing
B. Pre-testing
C. Mid-testing
D. Final testing
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202. The author of “Sampling Theory and Methods” is:
A. H.M. Blalock
B. J.P. Guilford
C. G. Kalton
D. M.N. Murthy
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203. Conversion of responses into a set of numbers is called:
A. Classification
B. Coding
C. Symbolization
D. Number assigning
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204. Listing of opinion-oriented questions in a questionnaire is known as:
A. Close ended
B. Mid ended
C. Open-ended
D. Last ended
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205. The variable which can take selected values of the variable is known as:
A. Continuous
B. Nominal
C. Ordinal
D. Discrete
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206. The purpose of data analysis is to condense a large volume of data into meaningful:
A. Results
B. Conclusions
C. Values
D. Summary
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207. The difference between the upper and lower limits of a class is known as:
A. Class limit
B. Class width
C. Classmark
D. Class breadth
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208. Mode is the value of the variable having a maximum:
A. Frequency
B. Occurrence
C. Appearance
D. Repetition
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209. The values of the variables which split the series into a number of parts are known as:
A. Range
B. Quantities
C. Measures
D. Series
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210. If the attributes are present or absent together in the data the association is called:
A. Negative
B. Independent
C. Positive
D. Dependent
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211. The average relationship between /among the variables is known as:
A. Digression
B. Aggression
C. Regression
D. Deviation
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212. A set of values of a variable or characteristic arranged chronologically is known as:
A. Cyclic Series
B. Chronological
C. Time Series
D. Data Series
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213. A smooth long-term movement indicating the overall tendency of data is known as:
A. Secular trend
B. Seasonal trend
C. Cyclical trend
D. Random trend
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214. The characteristic under the study of a population is called:
A. Sample
B. Parameter
C. Attribute
D. Quality
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215. The t-test is applied when the sample series is:
A. Small
B. Big
C. Enormous
D. Voluminous
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216. Paired t-test is applied when observations are made from the same group at:
A. One-time point
B. Two-time points
C. Multiple time points
D. Several time points
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217. The author of “Analysis of Nominal Data” is:
A. D.K. Hildebrand
B. C. W. Ostron
C. H.T. Reynolds
D. P. Stephen
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218. The proofreading of data to catch and correct errors is known as:
A. Data Editing
B. Data cleaning
C. Data scanning
D. Data correcting
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219. The software ‘WordStar’ is meant for:
A. D.T.P
B. Spreadsheet
C. Word processing
D. Presentation of graphics
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220. The Software “Epi Info” is meant for:
A. Statistical analysis
B. Text layout
C. Database programming
D. Data collection
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221. “Microsoft” is an application software exclusively meant for:
A. Bibliographic analysis
B. Scientific analysis
C. Technical analysis
D. Statistical analysis
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222. SPID a statistical package was developed by:
A. Bell Labs
B. Aptech Systems
C. S.C. Mole Software
D. Mac Quarie University
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223. Bar Chart, Pie Charts, and Histograms are examples of:
A. Graphic representation
B. Table representation
C. Textual representation
D. Statistical representation
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224. If the information is presented in a circle and is partitioned into various segments to represent the magnitude of the variable it is known as:
A. Table
B. Pie chart
C. Histogram
D. Bar chart
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225. In graphs the horizontal axis is called:
A. X-axis
B. Y-axis
C. Z-axis
D. W-axis
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226. Word processors are computer-based writing packages that help in:
A. Collection data
B. Tabulation of data
C. Writing the thesis
D. Editing the text
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227. The author of “Writing a Thesis: a guide to long essays and Dissertations” is:
A. M. Meyer
B. J.G. Baldi
C. G. Watson
D. P. Cryer
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228. Scientometrics deal with evaluation factors like progress levels of development, relevance, and policy:
A. Economics
B. Science
C. Information
D. Documentation
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229. The frequency of publication of authors was studied in 1926 by:
A. S.C. Bradford
B. Zipf
C. A. Lokta
D. F.W. Lancaster
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230. An analyzing reference in a document is known as:
A. Reference analysis
B. Citation analysis
C. Document Analysis
D. Bibliographic analysis
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231. The author “Citation Indexing: its theory and application” is:
A. Leo Egg he
B. E. Garfield
C. B.C. Brookes
D. B.K. Ferranti
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232. The relation of two documents by virtue of their joint decent, from the third, is known as:
A. Document compiling
B. Bibliographic compiling
C. Reference compiling
D. Citation compiling
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233. A source for bibliometric study such as a book, author, etc. is known as:
A. Element
B. Variable
C. Characteristic
D. Attribute
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234. LIS Research has made a formal beginning after the Williamson report 1923 in:
A. U.K
C. Canada
D. France
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235. “The place of research m library science” by Williamson was published in 1931 in the journal:
A. Library quantity
B. Library trends
C. Library Journal
D. ALA bulletin
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236. The first Ph.D. degree in LIS was awarded in 1930 in the USA by:
A. Columbia University
B. University of Chicago
C. University of California
D. Michigan University
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237. Council on Library Resources, USA was established in 1956 primarily to support: L.I. S:
A. Education
B. Research
C. Curriculum
D. Staff development
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238. OSTI was established in the UK in 1965 to support LIS:
A. Education
B. Curriculum
C. Infrastructure
D. Research
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239. The first LIS school in UK was established in 1919 at the university of:
A. London
B. Glasgow
C. Leeds
D. Sheffield
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240. The variable which can take any value in the range of the two variables is known as:
A. Nominal variable
B. Discrete variable
C. Continuous variable
D. Qualitative analysis
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241. Systematic activity directed toward the discovery and the development of an organized body of knowledge is known as:
A. Research
B. Investigation
C. Observation
D. Experimentation
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242. The research in which the application of known theories and knowledge to test and validate the operational fields or population is known as:
A. Fundamental
B. Empirical
C. Applied
D. Action
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243. The framework of activities that the researcher wishes to accomplish under the banner of a particular research study is known as:
A. Vision
B. Structure
C. Plan
D. Strategy
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244. A catalogue of various phases and facts relating to the formulation of research efforts is known as:
A. Problem
B. Design
C. Formulation
D. Skimming
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245. The records of any public or private institution which are judged worth permanent preservation for reference is known as:
A. Public records
B. Rare documents
C. Incunabula
D. Archives
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246. A statement capable of being tested and thereby verified or rejected is known as:
A. Hypothesis
B. Proposition
C. Assumption
D. Generalization
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247. The hypothesis that typically states the existence, size, form, or distribution of some variable is known as:
A. Working
B. Explanatory
C. Descriptive
D. Rational
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248. The research methods which investigate a past event and attempt to analyze it in the present situation are known as:
A. Experimental
B. Observational
C. Survey
D. Historical
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249. To assess the performance of various indexing languages and classification schemes which of the following research method is more relevant:
A. Historical
B. Experimental
C. Survey
D. Case study
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250. The method of investigation is to collect information on a phenomenon through observation interviews and questionnaires known as:
A. Survey
B. Experimental
C. Historical
D. Case Study
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So, these are the MCQs 201-250 for Library Research & Statistical Methods.

MCQs of Library Research & Statistical Methods

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