Library Science MCQs: Reference and Information Services – Quiz-4

LIS MCQs for Reference and Information Services. Here you will find the Library Science MCQs about Reference and Information Services. This is Quiz-4 of the Reference and Information Services MCQ series. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs of Library Reference and Information Services are very important for you. As reference and information sources are key points in library science.

The library Reference and Information Services are discussed in multiple choice question and answer (MCQs).

LIS MCQs about Library Reference and Information Services

Find below the MCQs of Library Reference and Information Services:

151. Current Awareness Service (CAS) comes under:
A. Responsive
B. Non-responsive
C. Anticipatory
D. On Demand
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152. The development of the user education concept is the contribution of:
A. L. Shores
B. C.M. Winchell
C. P.B. Knapp
D. S. Rothstein
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153. The method of assessing the information needs of the user community is known as:
A. User Studies
B. User Education
C. User Orientation
D. User Initiation
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154. The college which experimented with user education for the first time is:
A. Illinois
B. Ohio
C. Montieth
D. Columbia
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155. Users can use the resources of libraries of their choice without physically visiting them is called:
A. Real libraries
B. Virtual libraries
C. Dream libraries
D. Distance libraries
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156. The frequency of ‘Keesing’s Record _ of World Events is:
A. Weekly
B. Bimonthly
C. Monthly
D. Quarterly
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157. The publisher of ‘Cumulative Book Index’ is:
A. R.R. Bowker
B. Whitaker
C. H.W. Wilson
D. MacMillan
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158. The Publisher of ‘Book Review Digest’ is:
A. Marcel Dekker
B. Collier
C. Grolier
D. H. W. Wilson
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159. The Editor of the Encyclopedia of Library & Information Science is:
A. Harold Lancour
B. Allan Kant
C. Kent and Lancour
D. F.W. Lancaster and J.H. Shera
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160. Accession List South Asia is now transformed to as:
A. South Asian Accessions
B. South Asian Bibliography
C. South Asian Bibliographer
D. South Asian List
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161. A computer that connects one network to another for the purpose of file transfer is known as:
A. Search engine
B. Highway
C. Gateway
D. Super-way
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162. Patents and standards fall under which sources of information:
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary
D. Quaternary
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163. Bibliography of Bibliographies falls under which source of information:
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary
D. Quaternary
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164. Indexing and Abstracting Periodicals fall under which sources of Information:
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary
D. Quaternary
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165. To which category of Bibliography “Books in Print” falls:
A. National
B. Subject
C. Institutional
D. Trade
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166. CAPS is an innovative Customized Information Service provided by:
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167. European Translation Centre (ETC) is located at:
A. Paris
B. Vienna
C. Delft
D. Rome
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168. The Congressional Research Service is one of the departments of:
A. British Library
B. Library of Congress
C. Lenin Library
D. Smithsonian Library
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169. To provide referral service which of the following is not required?
A. Union catalogues
B. Institutional directories
C. Library catalogues
D. Encyclopedias
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170. The first International Conference on Bibliography was held at:
A. London
B. Paris
C. The Hague
D. Brussels
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171. The web page address is a popular address:
A. Search engine
B. Gateway
C. Highway
D. E-mail
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172. Journal of Documentation is being published by:
A. American Society of Information Science
B. The Library Association (LA), London
C. American Library Association
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173. http.// is a prominent website related to:
A. Library science
B. Journalism
C. Publishing
D. Books trade
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174. The electronic groups that center on a broad topics on the internet are known as:
A. Subscribe Serve
B. List Serve
C. Mail Serve
D. Group Serve
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175. Every place on the Internet is usually called:
A. Web place
B. Web region
C. Web plot
D. Web site
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176. CD-ROM services like Business Periodicals on disk (BPO) are a:
A. Reference Database
B. Full-text database
C. Directory-type database
D. Pictorial database
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177. CD-ROM system is basically:
A. Magnetic storage
B. Optical storage
C. Diskette storage
D. Floppy storage
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178. The updating of the Biological-Abstracts CD is:
A. Monthly
B. Bimonthly
C. Quarterly
D. Weekly
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179. ADONIS contains the full text of 600+ major journals in:
A. Social sciences
B. Physical sciences
C. Life sciences
D. Biomedicine
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180. NSO standard Z. 39.50 is an information retrieval:
A. Standard
B. Format
C. Protocol
D. Agreement
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181. CD-ROM, DXS is a data exchange standard developed by:
B. MacMillan
C. Silver Platter
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182. Internet was initially developed by the US Department of:
A. Commerce
B. Defense
C. Interior
D. State
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183. In 1990 Internet became a virtual hypertext network called:
B. Gopher
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184. The archive was the first of the ( c) Access point information retrieval systems ( d) Service providers developed for:
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185. The practice of browsing through the contents of newsgroups, web, or other information services on the internet is known as:
A. Swimming
B. Navigation
C. Surfing
D. Rowing
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186. The through sail over the internet sites for information is known as:
A. Surfing
B. Navigation
C. Exploration
D. Discovery
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187. The programs that act as an interface between the user and the internet are known as:
A. Browser
B. Protocol
C. Access point
D. Service provider
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These are the Reference and Information Services MCQs from 151-187.

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MCQs of Library Reference and Information Services

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