Library Science MCQs: Reference and Information Services – Quiz-3

LIS MCQs for Reference and Information Services. Here you will find the Library Science MCQs about Reference and Information Services. This is Quiz-3 of the Reference and Information Services MCQ series. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs of Library Reference and Information Services are very important for you. As reference and information sources are key points in library science.

The library Reference and Information Services are discussed in multiple choice question and answer (MCQs).

LIS MCQs about Library Reference and Information Services

Find below the MCQs of Library Reference and Information Services:

101. The most appropriate source for finding information about the ‘List of monuments in Delhi’ is:
A. Atlas
B. Globe
C. Guide Book
D. Gazetteer
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102. Demographic Year Book (1948) provides vital statistics of:
A. Asian Countries
B. Latin American Countries
C. European Countries
D. All Countries
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103. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A deals with:
A. Sciences
B. Technology
C. Humanities and Social Sciences
D. Engineering
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104. International Serial Data System (ISDS) Centre is at:
A. London
B. Moscow
C. Paris
D. New York
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105. The study of books as ‘Object of Art’ is known as:
A. Historical bibliography
B. Critical bibliography
C. Textual bibliography
D. Descriptive bibliography
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106. UNIBIS is a computerized search system administered by:
A. FAO Library
B. UNESCO Library
C. UNIDO Library
D. UN Central Library
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107. Information· Referral System for the Sources of Information on Environment (INFOTERRA) was launched by:
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108. The appropriate source to find out astronomical information is:
A. Yearbook
B. Directory
C. Encyclopedia
D. Almanack
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109. Geographical Dictionary is referred to as:
A. Gazetteer
B. Guide Book
C. Atlas
D. Globe
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110. The concept of Ready Reference Service was first introduced by:
A. M. Hutchins
B. L. Shores
C. C.M. Winchell
D. S.R. Ranganathan
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111. ‘Bibliography’ is a:
A. List of books
B. List of periodicals
C. Systematic list of documents
D. Trade list
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112. The author of Automation in Libraries is:
A. R.N. Lock
B. R. T. Kimber
C. R.M. Hays
D. 0. Frank
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113. Advances in Librarianship of Academic Press is a:
A. Trend report
B. Progress report
C. State of the report
D. Digest
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114. The producer of Inspec (UK) is:
A. British Library
D. Institute of Electrical Engineers
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115. ”Annals of Library Science and Documentation” is published by:
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116. The Periodical ‘University News’ is being published by:
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117. WWW is a multimedia linked database system that spans:
A. Europe
B. North America
C. Asia
D. Globe
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118. The concept which considers things as indivisible wholes and does not concern itself in viewing things in parts is known as:
A. Heuristic view
B. Holistic view
C. Diagnostic view
D. Divisive view
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119. Publisher of “Current Research” in the field of LIS is:
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120. The author of “Reference Work” is:
A. L. Shores
B. W .A. Katz
C. M. Hutchins
D. C.M. Winchell
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121. Gray Literature generally refers to:
A. Commercial Publications
B. Private Publications
C. Government Publications
D. Unpublished Documents
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122. On the Internet Info seek is popular:
A. Gateway
B. Search Engine
C. Browse Engine
D. Highway
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123. “Readers Guide to Periodical Literature” is a:
A. Abstracting service
B. Indexing service
C. Bibliography
D. Documentation list
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124. The Publishers Weekly by R.R. Bowkers is a weekly list of:
A. British books
B. Pakistani books
C. Canadian books
D. American books
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125. The title of Welford’s Guide to reference sources is:
A. Welford’s Guide to Reference Sources
B. Guide to reference books
C. Guide to reference materials
D. Guide to reference sources
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126. The frequency of Books in Print is:
A. Monthly
B. Quarterly
C. Weekly
D. Annual
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127. Excite is a search engine developed for:
A. Artificial Intelligence
B. Expert System
D. Automatic Searching
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128. The Publisher of “Books in Print” is:
A. H. W. Wilson
C. MacMillan
D. R.R. Bowker
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129. Under which type of Information Source does ‘Current Contents’ come:
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary
D. Quaternary
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130. CANSEARCH is a rule-based expert system designed to aid:
A. Doctors
B. Engineers
C. Technologists
D. Scientists
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131. The frequency of “Current Biography” is:
A. Weekly
B. Monthly
C. Quarterly
D. Bimonthly
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132. The Publisher of “Demographic Year Book” is:
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133. Lexicography is the art and science of preparing:
A. Encyclopedias
B. Biographical sources
C. Dictionaries
D. Directories
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134. The network that denotes objects’ relationship is known as:
A. Linguistic Net
B. Syntactic Net
C. Semantic Net
D. Phonetic Net
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135. Government Official notifications, announcements, and orders are first published in:
A. Newspaper
B. Gazette
C. Press Release
D. Notifications
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136. Directing the user to appropriate sources of information available elsewhere is known as:
B. Referral
D. User service
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137. To find out information about a society or an institution from any part of the World, which of the following is an appropriate source:
A. World of Learning
B. Handbook of UN
C. Pakistan Reference Annual
D. Manorama Year Book
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138. To ascertain the subscription rate of a serial which of the following is an appropriate source?
A. Almanac
B. Year Book
C. Gazetteer
D. Periodical directory
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139. The Publisher of’ Asian Recorder’ is:
A. Academic Press
B. Grolier
C. K.K. Thomas
D. MacMillan
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140. ‘Keesing’s’ Record of World Events is a:
A. Directory
B. Handbook
C. News Summary
D. Guide book ·
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141. Publisher of ‘Encyclopedia American ‘ is:
A. Colliers
B. Marcel Dekker
C. McGraw Hill
D. Grolier
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142. A field of study that deals with the capacity of a machine to stimulate or surpass human intelligence is known as:
A. Natural intelligence
B. Unnatural intelligence
C. Artificial intelligence
D. Creative Intelligence
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143. “Dictionary of National Biography” (DNB) is published by:
A. MacMillan
B. University Press London
C. R.R. Bowker
D. Marcel Dekker
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144. Which one of the following is available on CD-ROM?
B. Indian Science Abstracts
C. Index Pakistan
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145. A computer program that has knowledge of experts in its knowledge base is known as:
A. Specialist system
B. Expert system
C. Intellectual system
D. Knowledge system
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146. The Publisher of ‘Books in Print’ is:
A. H.W. Wilson
B. R.R. Bowker
C. Europe
D. Whitaker
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147. The Publisher of Library Literature is:
A. Academic Press
B. H. W. Wilson
C. K.K. Bowker
D. Oxford
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148. Library Literature is a/an:
A. Book
B. Indexing Journal
C. Abstracting Journal
D. Year Book
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149. The Process in the SDI involves:
A. Creating a user profile
B. Matching of user profile
C. Creating document index file
D. Matching user profile with documentation file
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150. The person who introduced computerized SDI is:
A. H.P. Luhn
B. C.M. Mooers
C. F.W. Lancaster
D. M. Taube
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These are the Reference and Information Services MCQs from 101-150.

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