Library Science MCQs: Reference and Information Services – Quiz-1

LIS MCQs for Reference and Information Services. Here you will find the Library Science MCQs about Reference and Information Services. This is Quiz-1 of the Reference and Information Services MCQ series. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs of Library Reference and Information Services are very important for you. As reference and information sources are key points in library science.

The library Reference and Information Services are discussed in multiple choice question and answer (MCQs).

LIS MCQs about Library Reference and Information Services

Find below the MCQs of Library Reference and Information Services:

1. The author of “Introduction to References Work” (2 Vols) is:
A. L. Shorea
B. W.A. Katz
C. M. Hutchins
D. L. Jolley
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2. Routing of Periodicals is:
B. Indexing Service
C. Abstracting Service
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3. INSDOC was established in the year:
A. 1950
B. 1952
C. 1955
D. 1960
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4. Index India is a:
A. Abstracting Service
B. Translation Service
C. Reprographic Service
D. Indexing Service
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5. New Encyclopedia Britannica-Propedia consists of:
A. One Volume
B. Five Volumes
C. Ten Volumes
D. Nineteen Volumes
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6. INFLIBNET is primarily cooperative network of:
A. Public Libraries
B. University Libraries
C. Technical Libraries
D. Information Centres
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7. International Serial Data System (ISDS) Centre is located at:
A. London
B. Paris
C. Moscow
D. Frankfurt
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8. The compiler of Bibliotheca Universal is:
A. Conrad Gesner
B. Henri La Fontaine
C. A. Esadail
D. R. Stokes
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9. SDI was first formulated by:
A. C. Mooers
B. E. Garfield
C. H.P. Luhn
D. S.C. Bradford
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10. The Publisher of Science Citation Index is:
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11. Dennis Grogan grouped research reports under:
A. Primary sources
B. Secondary sources
C. Tertiary sources
D. Standard sources
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12. The author of Basic Reference Sources is:
A. L. Shores
B. E.B. Reeves
C. S. Rothstein
D. W.A. Katz
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13. Finding an address of an institution is:
A. Short range reference service
B. Long range reference service
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14. The Publisher of Readers Guide to Periodical Literature is:
A. Bowker
B. MacMillan
C. Wilson
D. Oxford
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15. The appropriate source to trace history of a word is:
A. Encyclopedia
B. Bibliography
C. Dictionary
D. Directory
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16. A Compact Edition of Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in 2 volumes appeared in the year:
A. 1971
B. 1972
C. 1976
D. 1978
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17. The way in which the library approaches to answer a reference question is known as:
A. Search formation
B. Search process
C. Search strategy
D. Search framing
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18. The appropriate sources to find information about an organization is:
A. Year Book
B. Almanac
C. Directory
D. News Summary
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19. The Public of “Books in Print” is:
A. Whitaka
B. Bowker
C. Saur
D. Index Verlog
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20. Conrad Gesner is regarded as father of:
A. Documentation
B. Bibliography
C. Indexing
D. Abstracting
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21. Accession list of a library is a type of:
C. Reference service
D. Indexing service
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22. The concept of SDI was first introduced by:
A. T.D. Wilson
B. P. Atherton
C. H.P. Luhn
D. J.H. Shera
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23. Guide to Indian Periodical Literature covers:
A. Sciences
B. Social Science and Humanities
C. Technology
D. All subjects
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24. The six major function of reference were elucidated by:
A. W.A. Katz ·
B. L. Shares
C. D. Davidson
D. C.M. Winchell
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25. The author of”Public Knowledge” is:
A. A. Weinberg
B. J.M. Zimman
C. H.E. Bliss
D. Alvin Toffler
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26. Who define that “Reference Service is the· establishing of contact between reader and book by personal service”:
A. M. Hutchins
B. L. Shores
C. S. R. Ranganathan
D. S. Rothsetin
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27. A book meant to be consulted or referred to for a definite piece of information is known as:
A. Text book
B. Reference book
C. Source book
D. Guide book
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28. Reference Service finished in a very short time in a moment if possible is known as:
A. Long range reference service
B. Current Awareness Service
C. Selective Dissemination of Information
D. Ready Reference Service
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29. Users profile. is one of the important components of:
B. Reference service
D. Documentation service
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30. “A Condensation that presents succinctly the objective, scope and findings of a document” is known:
A. Digest
B. Summary
C. Synopsis
D. Abstract
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31. “A list arranged systematically providing enough details about each item” is known as:
A. Catalogue
B. Bibliography
C. Index
D. List
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32. The points to be kept in mind for evaluation of reference book is termed as:
A. Basic points
B. Evaluation points
C. Characteristics
D. Check list
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33. A dictionary is primarily concerned with a:
A. Subject
B. Word
C. Sub-topic
D. Discipline
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34. Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language · was published by:
A. Clarendon press
B. Random house
C. Merriam
D. Funk & Wagnals
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35. An encyclopedia is best suited for finding answers to:
A. Current questions
B. Background questions
C. Statistical questions
D. Facts & figures
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36. An annual volume of current information m descriptive and or statistical form sometimes limited to specific field is known as:
A. Almanac
B. Year book
C. Directory
D. Handbook
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37. The appropriate source for finding out information about ‘Number of Radio Stations in India’ is:
A. Handbook
B. Manual
C. Almanac
D. Guide book
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38. A list of persons or organizations systematically arranged g1vmg addresses etc. is known as:
A. Almanac
B. Directory
C. Manual
D. Yearbook
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39. “World of Learning” ( 1947) is being published by:
A. MacMillan
B. Times of India Press
C. Europa Publications
D. United Nations
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40. The Publisher of “Reference Quarterly” is:
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41. The parent body of NASS DOC is:
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42. “The New Encyclopedia Britannica Micropedia” consists of:
A. One volume
B. Ten volumes
C. Fifteen volumes
D. Nineteen volumes
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43. An annual publication containing calendar of events frequently accompanied by astronomical data is known as:
A. Almanac
B. Year book
C. Directory
D. Gazetteer
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44. The NISSAT programmer established by Government of India is under the Department of:
A. Science Technology
B. Telecommunications
C. Culture
D. Transport
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45. OCLC was established in the year:
A. 1957
B. 1967
C. 1977
D. 1987
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46. UNISIST News Letter 1s being published in:
A. Two Languages
B. Three languages
C. Four Languages
D. Five Languages
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47. The Publisher of Who’s who m Library classification and indexing are:
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48. The author of Famous First Facts is:
A. J.J Tuma
B. N.A. Large
C. JN. Kane
D. H.J Pouton
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49. The Compiler of Librarians Glossary is:
A. L.M. Harrod
B. B. Buchman
C. H. Thomson
D. J. Bartlet
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50. The informal channel of communication amongst scientists is known as:
A. Invisible College
B. Technological Gatekeepers
C. Communication Star
D. Dialog Networks
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These are the Reference and Information Services MCQs from 01-50.

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MCQs of Library Reference and Information Services



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