Library Science MCQs of Research Methodology (Quiz-9)

This is Library Science MCQs of Research Methodology quiz-9. Here you’ll find Library Science MCQs about Research Methodology. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs about Research Methodology are very important for you.

In these MCQs, the research methodology about Library is discussed in questions and answers. So by understanding these questions and answers about research methodology in Library Science, you can easily cover your next coming examination.

LIS MCQs About Research Methodology

The following are the MCQs of Library Science about Research Methodology in Library Science:

101. Which of the following is oriented towards the present?

A. Observation
B. Observation
C. Survey
D. Case study
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102. INFROSS is an example of which type of research?

A. Survey
B. Experimentation
C. Case study
D. Observation
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103. Which of the following research methods 1s useful m a study on measuring the active life of periodicals?

A. Survey
B. Citation analysis
C. Interview
D. Case study
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104. Who said that Survey Research is nothing but a type of descriptive research only?

A. F. W. Best
B. Lancaster
C. Ranganathan
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105. Which is the principal method of research in social sciences?
A. Historical method
B. Descriptive method
C. Scientific method
D. Social science method
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106. Which type of research does not involve the use of experiments?
A. Scientific research
B. Descriptive research
C. Historical research
D. Experimental research
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107. What is descriptive research?
A. Is a typical interpretation and analysis of data
B. Is a common collection of data
C. It is a random collection of data
D. None of the above
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108. In which discipline the descriptive method is extensively used?
A. In science only
B. Biological sciences
C. Physical and natural sciences
D. Social sciences
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109. What is done after collecting the data for a research problem to obtain valuable results the problem?
A. Data analysis
B. Data interpretation
C. Data tabulation
D. Data classification
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110. The purpose of data analysis is to condense a large volume of data into meaningful?
A. Results
B. Conclusions
C. Value
D. Summary
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111. What are the two types of data analysis?
A. Descriptive and non-descriptive
B. Descriptive and inferential
C. Variable and non-variable
D. Volatile and non-volatile
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112. The inferential analysis also referred to as?
A. Mathematical analysis
B. Statistical analysis
C. Scientific analysis
D. Volumetric analysis
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113. What are the methods of data analysis?
A. Classification and tabulation
B. Statistical presentation
C. Interpretation
D. All of these
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114. What names are given to the method in which statistics is used to analyze the data?
A. Statistical methods
B. Mathematical methods
C. Statistical analysis
D. Statistical procedure
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115. What is the main characteristic of the statistical method?
A. They are based on analysis
B. They are based upon quantitative analysis
C. They are based upon qualitative analysis
D. They are dependent on statistics
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116. What is referred to as the statistical method?
A. Mean, mode, medium
B. Coefficient and correlation
C. Standard deviation
D. All of these
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117. Mean, mode, and median are called?
A. Ways of sampling
B. Measures of deviation
C. Measures of central tendency
D. Coefficient
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118. Which one is the step of the process of research, by which the results of the same research are notified to others?
A. Hypothesis
B. Problem’s formulation
C. Research report
D. Sources
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119. What does a research report provide?
A. Information
B. Results
C. Total findings of the study
D. References
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120. What is a research report?

A. Written statement
B. Written results
C. Written references
D. Written description of research
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121. What is the meaning of a research report?

A. It is a means of research
B. It 1s an effective way of communication
C. It 1s a normal way of communication
D. It is a tool of research
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122. If the research report is written to submit to a university to obtain any research degree, then what is called this n research report?

A. Dissertation
B. Thesis
C. Research program
D. Report
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123. What is called that research report which is submitted to a university ·to get an M.Phil degree in a subject?

A. Dissertation
B. Thesis
C. Research Report
D. Special Report
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124. What is the main purpose of writing a research report?

A. To gain intellectual knowledge
B. To gain financial benefit.
C. To show research work to others
D. To present at the university
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125. Writing of research report in which one of the steps of research work?

A. The first step
B. The fourth step
C. The last step
D. The last and final step
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126. The step of writing a research report should be based on:

A. Principles of administration
B. Principles of organization
C. Principles of organization and presentation
D. Principle of management
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127. The body of the research report is always controlled by?

A. Research supervisor
B. Research process
C. Research material
D. Research operation
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128. The preliminaries in the research report include:

A. Bibliography
B. Introduction
C. Glossary
D. Appendixes
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129. In the format of the research report, which one is the first page?

A. Cover page
B. Title page
C. Half-title page
D. Verso page
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130. What is written on the title page of a research report?

A. Title
B. Author’s name
C. Title with author’s name
D. None of these
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