Library Science MCQs of Research Methodology (Quiz-6)

This is Library Science MCQs of Research Methodology quiz-6. Here you’ll find Library Science MCQs about Research Methodology. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs about Research Methodology are very important for you.

In these MCQs, the research methodology about Library is discussed in questions and answers. So by understanding these questions and answers about research methodology in Library Science, you can easily cover your next coming examination.

LIS MCQs About Research Methodology

The following are the MCQs of Library Science is about Research Methodology in Library Science:

150. Which scale is the simplest form of measurement?
A. Ratio
B. Interval
C. Nominal
D. Ordinal
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151. A pictorial representation of the sequence of steps is known as
A. Flowchart
B. Programming
C. Tables
D. Picture
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152. In the form of tables and charts, data can be presented
A. Systematically
B. Numerically
C. Graphically
D. Pictorially
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153. Bar charts ow charts and pie charts are examples of
A. Texel al representation
B. Table representation
C. Graphic representation
D. Statistical representation
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154. If the information is presented in a circle and, partitioned into various segments to represent the magnitude of the variable, it is known as
A. Bar chart
B. Pie chart
C. Flow chart
D. Tables
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155. Statistical analyses use measures of spared, such as range, interquartile range, or standard deviation
A. Mean, median, and mode
B. Flow chart
C. Tables
D. Spreadsheet
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156. The most frequent observation in the series is known as
A. Median
B. Mean
C. Range
D. Mode
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157. Regression analysis is a statistical ____ that can be used to estimate the relationship between variables
A. Method
B. Process
C. Technique
D. Tool
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158. A method of data collection used primarily in the social sciences is known as
A. Unobtrusive method
B. Observation method
C. Experimental method
D. Delph method
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159. The preliminaries in the research report include
A. Introduction
B. References
C. Contents
D. Appendices
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160. The end part of the research report includes
A. Preface
B. Contents
C. Introduction
D. Glossary
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161. A writing manual provides guidelines on how to prepare a research report
A. text
B. Table of contents
C. Graphics
D. Bibliography
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162. Bibliographies and references are important items in
A. Research •problem
B. Hypothesis
C. Research report
D. Data analysis
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163. Which of the following abbreviations can be used in a research report?
A. sec, for seamed
B. yr. for year
C. IQ for intelligence quotient
D. mo. for month
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164. Which of the following are used in a research article to refer to an immediate preceding reference?
A. Lo (C) cite
B. Op. cite
c. Ibid
D. As above
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165. When a citation includes more than ____ authors, only the surname of the first author is cited followed by et al
A. Six
B. Three
C. Two
D. Five
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166. A printed scholarly study of one theme or subject is known as
A. Monograph
B. Report
C. Thesis
D. Dissertation
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167. Which of the following is not one of the seven major parts of the research report?
A. Result
B. Abstract
C. Footnotes
D. Method
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168. In which section, do you fully interpret and evaluate your results?
A. Introduction
B. Discussion
c. Method
D. Results
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169. A book providing basic knowledge of an exacting subject to the students in an easy language is known as
A. Monograph
B. Thesis
C. Reference book
D. Textbook
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170. The researcher makes a plan of study and undertakes the work
A. Research formulation
B. Research problem
C. Research design
D. Research effort
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171. A research technique for an objective systematic description of the manifest content is known as
A. Theme analysis
B. content analysis
C. Subject analysis
D. Thought analysis
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172. The purpose of data analysis is to condense a large volume of data into meaningful
A. Summary
B. Recommendation
C. Values
D. Appearance
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173. The values of the variables which split the series into a number of parts are known as
A. Quantities
B. Measures
C. Series
D. Range
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174. The asset of vanes of variable or characteristic arranged chronologically is own as
A. Unstructured series
B. Modified series
C. Time series
D. Chronological series
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175. The value of the variable having maximum frequency is known as
A. Mode
B. Range
C. Median
D. Mean
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176. The characteristic understudy of a population is called
A. Parameter
8. Quality
C. Sample
D. Attribute
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177. The t-test is applied when observations are made from the same group at
A. Medium
B. Voluminous
c. Small
D. Big
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178. An analyzing reference in a document is known as
A. Citation analysis
B. Bibliographic analysis
C. Reference analysis
D. Document analysis
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179. A source for bibliometric study such as author, book et (C) is known as
A. Element
B: Attribute
C. Variable
D. Characteristic
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180. Observation is probably the oldest method used by man in
A. Scientific investigation
B. Personal investigation
C. Community investigation
D. Social investigation
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181. The inquiries into Pated tools of librarianship books, journals, inde etc. are genera referred to as
A. Bibliography research
B. Documentary research
c. Purposive research
D. Qualitative research
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182. The quantitative study of scientific developments is known as
A. Scientometrics
B. Science study
C. Sciencemetrics
D. Science review
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184. The first step on the academic research ladder will usually be a dissertation-completed as part of:
A. Graduate degree
B. Ph.D
C. M. Phill
D. Master’s degree
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185. The act of publishing the same data and results in more than one journal or pub cation refers to which of the following professional issues?
A. Duplicate publication
B. Full publication
C. Partial publication
D. Deception publication
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186. The Ph.D. researcher working in the social sciences will be expected to build on the work of
A. Self
B. Group
C. Others
D. None of them
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187. The size and shape of the research project will be determined by the constraints of
A. Money, time & expertise
B. Time & expertise
C. Cost & period
D. Money & time
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188. Which kind of information is collected first-hand to answer specific current Research questions?
A. Secondary data
B. Primary data
C. Relevant data
D. Selective data
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189. One problem of primary data is
A. Cost
B. Relevance
C. Specificity
D. Being up to date
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190. Information that has already been collected for other purposes is called
A. Secondary data
B. Urinary data
C. Principal data
D. Relevant data
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191. A subject bibliography designed to lead the user through the process of researching a topic in the most systematic and efficient step-by-step manner is known as
A. Annotated bibliography
B. Webliography
C. Pathfinder
D. Style manual
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192. Computer database searches can be done
A. At the Library
B. With a computer with a CD-ROM drive
C. Online
D. All of the above
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193. the best source for Eating resect institutions worldwide is
A. World of learning
B. International research Centre directory
C. Research centers directory
D. Commonwealth universities yearbook
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194. Which of the three ethics approaches says research ethics should be a matter of the individual’s conscience?
A. Deontological approach
B. Ontological skepticism
C. Ethical skepticism
D. Utilitarianism
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