Library Science MCQs of Research Methodology (Quiz-10)

This is Library Science MCQs of Research Methodology quiz-10. Here you’ll find Library Science MCQs about Research Methodology. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs about Research Methodology are very important for you.

In these MCQs, the research methodology about Library is discussed in questions and answers. So by understanding these questions and answers about research methodology in Library Science, you can easily cover your next coming examination.

LIS MCQs About Research Methodology

The following are the MCQs of Library Science about Research Methodology in Library Science:

131. What are the main sections of the body of a research report?
A. Introduction
B. Statement of the problem
C. Purpose of the study
D. All of the above
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132. The research report should be written in:
A. English language
B. Mother language
C. Simple language
D. Strong language
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133. By the efforts of which of the following persons, librarianship has attained the position of a full-fledged subject as Library Science?
A.Melvel Dewey
B. C.A. Cutter
C. D.J. Fosket
D. S.R. Ranganathan
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134. Where was the research first started in 1923 m the field of library and, information science after Williamson’s report?
C. Canada
D. France
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135. Which university m the world awarded the first Ph.D. degree in 1930 in library and information sciences?
A. Chicago University
B. Columbia University
C. California University
D. Michigan University
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136. For what purpose, the Council of Library Resources was mainly established in 1956 in the USA?
A.To give aid for library science education
B. To give aid for library science research
C. To revise the curriculum of library science
D. To develop the position of library staff
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137. Which method of research cannot be used in library and information science subjects?
A. Historical method
B. Delphi method
C. Scientific method
D. Survey method
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138. What will be the benefit of applying the historical methods of research in the study of libraries?
A. Limitations of the present in comparison to the past are known
B. The efficiencies of the staff are known
C. It increases the collection of the library
D. The library provides better services
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139. In which field of library science the case study method of research cannot be used?
A. Library Management System Analysis
B. Cost-benefit analysis
C. Cost-effectiveness
D. Library budget
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140. What is called the method for obtaining and sharing expert judgments, speculation, and forecast about some future events for purposes of more successful planning, organization, and decision making?
A. Delphi technique
B. Cost-benefit technique
C. System technique
D. Analytical technique
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141. What is Delphi Technique?
A. It is a programming language
B. It is a computer program
C. It is a method of research
D. It is a tool for research
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142. The method of research which is comprised of a group of modified survey procedures is called?
A. Scientific method
B. Historical method
C. Descriptive method
D. Delphi method
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143. • What is the aim of the Delphi method of research?
A. Refining of judgmental data
B. Collection of historical data
C. Analysis of collected data
D. Addition of summarized data
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144. When was the Delphi method developed?
A. In 1940s
B. 1950s
C. In 1960s
D. 1970s
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145. In which country the Delphi method for research was first developed?
A. India
B. France
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146. Delphi method is related with:
A. Forecasting trends
B. Astronomy
C. Palmistry
D. Mathematics
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147. Delphi method is primarily concerned with:
A. Data analysis
B. Data interpretation
C. Data collection
D. Data recognition
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148. The Delphi method of research was first developed in the USA to predict what?
A. Future developments related to the country
B. Future developments related to the national defense of the country (USA)
C. Future developments in all the areas of the country
D. Future developments in library and information sciences
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149. If we apply the Delphi Method of research in library and information sciences, what will be the results?
A. It will present a tentative solution
B. It will solve the problems
C. It will help in the administration
D. It will predict future developments
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150. What is called the statistical and mathematical analysis of bibliographies and literature of a subject?
A. Bibliographic
B. Bibliometry
C. Librametric
D. Symmetries
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151. What Is called the application of statistical and mathematical analysis to library statistics on different aspects of library work?
A. Scieneometries
B. Symonetries
C. Bibliometry
D. Librametry
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152. What is the meaning of Bibliometry?
A. It Is a tool/technique for information management
B. It is a service of information management
C. It is a function of library work
D. It is an element of information management
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153. The use of principles of mathematics and statistics in the field of library and information science, is called?
A. Bibliometry
B. Biometry
C. Librametry
D. Librachine
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154. Who used first the term Bibliometry?
A. S.C.Bradford
B. Alan Pritchard
C. James Boyd
D. A. Neelmegham
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155. What is not related to Bibliometry?
A. Bradford’s law
B. Lokha’s law
C. Zip law
D. Law of osmosis
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156. Which technique is not applied in Bibliometry?
A. Measurement
B. Calculation
C. Hierarely
D. Localization
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157. Bibliometry cannot be called as which one of the following?
A. Quantitative science
B. Scientometrics
C. Infometrics
D. Documentaries
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158. What are the two parts of Bibliometry?
A. Descriptive and evaluated
B. Analytic and communicated
C. Quantitative and qualitative
D. Deductive and inductive
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159. Which one is the field, in which Bibliometry cannot be used?
A. Growth of knowledge and Trends in research
B. Identify users of different subjects
C. Qualifications and efficiencies of library staff
D. Ethics of storage and weeding out of books from the library
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160. What was the name given by Ranganathan to Bibliometry?
A. Librametry
B. Librachine
C. Scientometrics
D. Documentaries
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161. The term librametry was formally introduced in 1948 by?
A. W.C.B. Sayers
B. Melvil Dewey
C. S.R. Ranganathan
D. D.J. Faskette
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162. International Information System on Research in Documentation (ISORID) was established by:
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163. The subject of Research Methodology is the outcome of the mode of formation of the subject, known as:
A. Loose Assemblage
B. Fission
C. Distillation
D. Cluster
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164. “Controlled Group” is a term used in:
A. Survey research
B. Historical research
C. Experimental research
D. Descriptive research
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165. ‘Cranfield Project’ is an example of:
A. Experimental Research
B. Survey Research
C. Case Study
D. Historical Research
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