Library Science MCQs of Library Management (Quiz-1)

This is the Library Science MCQs of Library Management Quiz-1. Here you’ll find Library Science MCQs about managing the Library proper way. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs about Library Management are so much important for you. In these MCQs, Library Management is discussed in questions and answers. So by understanding these questions and answers about Library Management Science you can easily prepare for your next coming examination.

LIS MCQs about Library Management

The following are the MCQs of Library Science is about Library Management:

1. TLMS stands for:
A. Total Library Management System
B. Library Management System Thailand
C. Thailand Library Management Software
D. Tata Library Management Service
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2. Which two is a Library Management Software for small libraries?
A. Library Solution and Follet
B. Follet and MSN
C. MSN and Tar
D. LYCOS and Live Search
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3. Authority, discipline, unity of command, and unity of direction are:
A. Taylor’s four principles of management
B. Principles of the human relations movement
C. Elements of Weber’s ideal bureaucratic structure
D. Four of Fayol’s fourteen principles of management
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4. Focused on the work or the job and how to do it better:
A. Administrative management
B. Bureaucratic management
C. Classical management
D. · Scientific management
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5. Division of labor, authority hierarchy, formal selection, formal rules and regulations, impersonality, and career orientation are all features of
A. Weber’s ideal type of bureaucracy
B. General administrative theory
C. Fayol’s principles of management
D. Taylor’s principles of management
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6. Strategic management entails all of the basic management functions:
A. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling
B. Motivation, efficiency, authority, and effectiveness
C. Planning, bossing, controlling, and organizing
D. Information systems
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7. Workers want good communication from the Managers. Therefore, managers should communicate effectively without feelings of ego and superiority complex:
A. Decision theory approach
B. Empirical approach
C. Human relation approach
D. Making things happen, meeting the competition, organizing the people, and leading
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8. The first management functions to help in bridging the gap between the present and the future:
A. Decision
B. Coordination
C. Organization
D. Planning
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9. The process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed:
A. Decision
B. Staffing
C. Organization
D. Planning
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10. Planning involves two important elements:
A. Goals and plans
B. Organizing and controlling
C. Lead and plans
D. Staffing and leading
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11. Strategic goals are concerned with:
A. First-line managers
B. Middle-level managers
C. Top-level managers
D. Non-managerial employees
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12. Which of the following functions or – activities requires recruiting arid placing qualified personnel needed for the organization so that it may achieve its objectives and goals?
A. Controlling
B. Organizing
C. Planning
D. Staffing
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13. Which of the following functions or – activities requires recruiting arid placing qualified personnel needed for the organization so that it may achieve its objectives and goals?
A. Accounting
B. Administration
C. Human resources
D. Information systems
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14. _________ is the use of the scientific method to define the “one best way” for a job to be done:
A. Administrative management
B. Bureaucratic management
C. Scientific management.
D. Imperial management
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15. When management provides orderly personnel planning and ensures that replacements are available to fill vacancies, is called:
A. Unity of command
B. Stability of tenure of personnel
C. Division of work
D. Discipline
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16. A job description is one of the important aspects of
A. Personnel management
B. Resources management
C. Materials management
D. Services management
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17. Job analysis is one of the aspects of:
A. Finance
B. Reporting
C. Staffing
D. Budget
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18. When a candidate for a position is asked general, open-ended job-related questions, they are experiencing what type of interview?
A. Relaxed interview
B. Unstructured interview
C. Structured interview
D. Unorganized interview
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19. Which of the following is not a major influence on the rate of compensation?
A. Competition
B. Laws
C. Voluntary retirement
D. Unions
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20. Which type of separation is most unpleasant for an employee?
A. Mandatory retirement
B. Resignation
C. Termination
D. Voluntary retirement
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21. If a solution to a particular problem is not vital to the functioning of an organization and management is willing to overlook the causes of the conflict, the Librarian may choose to use which type of conflict resolution?
A. Avoidance
B. Compromise
C. Confrontation
D. Dominance
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22. Which of the following statements would a theory X manager consider to be true?
A. The average person can learn to accept and even seek responsibility
B. Employees will shirk responsibility
C. Employees will exercise self-direction if they are committed to the objectives
D. Employees view work as being as natural as play
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23. The College Library budget 1s generally approved by the:
A. Executive Council
B. Library Council
C. Librarian
D. Principal of the College
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24. Systematic evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of an employee vis-a-vis his further performance in the organization is possible through
A. Confidential reports
B. Performance appraisal
C. Staff explanation
D. Work analysis
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25. Among the various committees that may function m a Library the committee which meets most regularly as required by the statutory regulations is:
A. Library committee
B. Library advisory committee
C. Library finance committee
D. Library planning committee
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