Library Science MCQs of Library and its Users (Quiz-2)

Here you will find the Library Science MCQs of Library and its Users quiz-2. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs about Library and its Users are very very beneficial for you.

In these MCQs, the library and its users are discussed in questions and answers.

LIS MCQs About Library and its Users

The following are the MCQs of Library Science about the library and its user.

41. Book Clubs were set up in which country in the 18th century
C. India
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42. What was the ex-name of the British Library?
A. British Library of England
B. British National Library
C. British Museum
D. British Archives
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43. Bibliothec National is the national library of which country
A. France
B. Germany
C. Spain
D. Portugal
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44. What is the name of the national library of Russia?
A. State Lenin Library
B. Moscow public Library
C. National Library of Russia
D. National Library
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45. What is the name of the national library of UAS?
A. American National Library
B. Library of Congress
C. Library of America
D. National Library of USA
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46. In which city Library of congress is located?
A. New York
B. Columbia
C. Washington
D. Washington D.C.
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47. When the library of Congress was established?
A. 1800
C. 1900
D. 1950
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48. The library of Congress was originally created to serve the U.S.
A. Public
C. Leaders
D. Member of Congress
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49. The name of Anthony pannizi is related to which library
A. Library of Congress
B. Imperial Library
C. British Library
D. British Museum
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50. How many national libraries are in Italy?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 8
D. 10
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51. What is the meaning of the user’s study?
A. Study of library
B. Study of the users of the library
C. Study of utility
D. Study of the needs of the users
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52. How many types of user studies are there, and what are their names?
A. Behaviours studies
B.Behaviours and use studies
C. Behaviours, use and information flow studies
D. None of the above
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53. What are the methods of user studies?
A. Measurement of use
B.Surveys of the users
C. Community profiles
D. All of the above
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54. What is called that user’s study which is conducted to find out the pattern of overall interaction of the user’s community with the communication system
A. Behaviour studies
B. use studies
C. Information flow studies
D. None of the above
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55. What do Behaviours studies of the users reveal?
A. Scientists spend their full time in searching
B. Scientists spend half of the time of their working hours in searching
C. Scientists spend most of the time of their working hours in searching
D. Scientists spend more time of their working hours in searching
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56. Where is the national library for blind and handicapped in India located?
A. New Delhi
B. Dehradun
C. Calcutta
D. Chennai
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57. How many libraries are getting books from publishers according to the Delivery of Books Act in India?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
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58. How many books are essential to send by the publishers to national library Vide Delivery of Books Act (1956)?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
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59. In which year the Copyright Law was first passed in USA?
A. 1800
B. 1850
C. 1870
D. 1875
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60. Library Services and Construction Act, 1964 was for the development of libraries in which country?
B. Canada
D. India
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61. What are called academic libraries
A. In which educational books are stored
B.In which education is provided in universities
C. Libraries established in universities
D. All libraries of academic institutions
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62. Which type of libraries are the libraries established in schools?
A. Academic
B. Public
C. Specific
D. Mobile
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63. Which one is not the aim of school libraries?
A. Make the students literate
B. Awake the intellectual power of the students
C. Make the moral character of the students
D. Awake the ambition of sports of the students
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64. What should be the main aim of a college library?
A. Promotion of research
B. Promote the reading habits of students
C. Satisfy the entertainment needs of the students
D. Support the teaching programs of the college
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65. Which type of libraries have a very vital role to play these days to meet a variety of multidimensional demands of informational and knowledge of students, teachers, and researches
A. Special library
B.Research library
C. University library
D. College library
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66. Who are the main users of a university library?
A. Students
B. Researches
C. Faculty
D. Outsiders
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67. What is called the method of knowing the information searching behavior of the users?
A. Method of knowing the habit of reading
B. User’s study
C. User’s Education
D. User’s behaviors
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68. Which one university library is the largest in the world?
A. New York University library USA
B. Harvard University library the USA
C. London University library U.K
D. None of these
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69. Wat is a special library?
A. Which specialized on a particular subject
B. Which is specialized on a particular subject or a group of subjects
C. Which is specialized on a particular group of subjects
D. None of these
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70. What is called those libraries which exist in a wide variety of organizations most of them being units of larger organizations?
A. Public libraries
B.Special libraries
C. Academic
D. Variety libraries
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71. What are special libraries?
A. Whose readers are of special types
B.Whose reading material is of special types
C. Whose aims is specials
D. Who are specific from the point of view of the collection, users, and services
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72. The demand of users in special libraries mainly is through the?
A. Author of the book
B.Title of the book
C. Subject of the book
D. Publisher of the book
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73. The library for the blind and handicapped is located in Dehradun (India) what kind of this library is
A. Public Library
B.Special library
C. Blind library
D. Academic library
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74. What kind of library is the library of the national physical laboratory?
A. Academic library
B.Public library
C. Technical library
D. Special library
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75. What are called those libraries in which services are fully automated and all resources are in digitized form?
A. Virtual libraries
B.Digital libraries
C. Electronic libraries
D. Libraries without walls
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76. What is called the libraries of digital documents, artifacts, and needs?
A. document library
B.Digital library
C. Record library
D. Virtual library
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77. What has made the establishment of digital libraries possible?
A. Continuous developments in information technology
B. Invention of computer machine
C. Availability of the facility of networking
D. Availability of CD-ROMs
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78. Which name cannot be given to a digital library?
A. Electronic library
B.Virtual library
C. computer library
D. Desktop library
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79. What is not correct about digital libraries?
A. It is the name of the network of multimedia systems
B.It is a collection of information contained in so many computers
C. It provides information in the same form
D. It stores information in digitized from
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80. Which one is not the characteristic of a digital library?
A. It provides access to a very large collection of information
B. It supports multimedia content
C. It promotes user-friendly interface
D. Network is not accessible
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