Library Science MCQs: Library Reference and Information Sources (Quiz-3)

Here you will find the Library Science MCQs of Reference and Information Sources Quiz-3. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs about Library Reference and Information Sources are very beneficial for you.

In these MCQs, the library reference and its information sources are discussed in question and answer (MCQs).

LIS MCQs about Library Reference and Information Sources

Find below the MCQs of Library Science about Library Reference and Information Sources:

101. Which of the following reference source will you consult to locate information on the Pokhran test
A. Encyclopedia Britannica
B. Asian Recorder
C. Commonwealth universities yearbook
D. Dictionary of National Biography
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102. Asian recorder is published from where
A. New Delhi
B. Islamabad
C. Peeking
D. Colombo
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103. Who is the publisher of AsianRecorder?
A. Academic Press
B. Bowker& Company
C. Mc Millan & Co
D. K. K. Thomas
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104. What is Keeping’s Record of World Events
A. Directory
B. Handbook
C. News Summary
D. Guide book
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105. What is the publication frequency of Keeping’s Record of World Events
A. Weekly
B. Biweekly
C. Monthly
D. Quarterly
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106. What is a new product of information services in libraries
A. Floppies
B. Databases
D. None of these
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107. What is the publication frequency of Books in Print
A. Monthly
B. Weekly
C. Annually
D. Quarterly
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108. Who is the publisher of Books in Print
A. Wilson Company
B. Bowker Company
C.McMillan Company
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109. What is the World of Learning
A. Directory
B. Encyclopedia
D. Yearbook
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110. Who publishes World of Learning
A. McGraw Hill
B. Macmillan
C.Europa Publications
D. Times of India
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111. What is the area scope of World of Learning
A. Local
B. National
C. Regional
D. International
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112. Who publishes Annals of Library Science and Documentation
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113. What is not essential about the periodicals indexed in the database evaluation
A. Whether all the periodicals are taken or not
B. Whether the addresses of publishers are recorded or not with their short names
C. Whether the ISBD number is ginner or not
D. Whether the rules regarding the
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114. What is Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature
A. Abstracting service
B. Indexing Service
C. Bibliography
D. Documentation List
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115. What is the appropriate source to find out information about newspapers and their distribution
A. UN Statistical Yearbook
B. AP Yearbook
C. Press in India
D. Manorama Yearbook
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116. Who Publishes Publisher’s Weekly
A. R.R. Bowker
B. H. W. Wilson
C. Academic Press
D. Whitaker
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117 What do you mean by statistical sources
A. Which provides any type of information
B. Which provides statistical information
C. Which provides all the information
D. Which provides current information
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118 For what the statistical sources are useful
A. To establish industries
B. For the study, teaching, and research
C. For agriculture, economics, production, etc
D. For taking all types of decisions
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119 Whether dictionaries and encyclopedias having statistical information may be called statistical sources
A. Yes, as they have statistical information
B. No, they cannot be called
C. Not possible
D. None of the above
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120 What do statistical sources provide to
A. Numerical data to answer queries
B. Numerical data to answer queries with How many or how much
C. Numerical data
D. None of these
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121 What are bibliographical sources
A. Bibliography is presented in which
B. Which provides bibliographical information
C. Which provides a list of books
D. Which provides bibliographical descriptions of the books
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122 What is called the source which provides a bibliographical description of the books
A. Booklist
B. Bibliography
C. Catalogue
D. Book catalog
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123 KonardGasner is known as the father of
A. Documentation
B. Abstracting
C. Bibliography
D. Indexing
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124 What is a bibliography
A. List of books
B. List of periodicals
C. List of trades
D. Organized list of documents
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125 The term bibliography was derived from
A. Latin word
B. Greek word
C. French word
D. Roman word
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126 Libraries are primarily concerned with which type of bibliography
A. Textual
B. Regional
C. Systematic
D. Historical
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127 Who used the word bibliography first
A. Dewey
B. Ranganathan
C. Margrett Mann
D. Louis Jacob de Saint Charles
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128 What is a trade bibliography
A. List of special bibliography
B. List of author bibliography
C. List of books in print or for sale compiled by a publisher
D. List of books from trade library
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129 The systematic list of documents relating to a specific field of knowledge is called
A. Author bibliography
B. Subject bibliography
C. Analytical bibliography
D. National bibliography
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130 Subject bibliographies are maintained by which section of the library
A. Acquisition
B. Periodical
C. Technical
D. Reference
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131 What is personal bibliography
A. Author Index
B. Author bibliography
C. Title bibliography
D. List of works by and on a person
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132 Among the following which is are the book selection tools
A. Book in Print
C. Neither (a) nor (b)
D. Both (a) and (b)
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133 Analytics bibliography deals with
A. Physical aspect of the book
B. Analysis of subject
C. Classified list of books
D. None of these
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134 What is National Bibliography
A. List of books on a nation
B. List of books published in a particular nation
C. List of books written by the national government
D. List of books from the NationalLibrary
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135 A National Bibliography is which kind of source of information
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary
D. Documentary
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136 Which country yet not published its national bibliography
C. Pakistan
D. Australia
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137 The database is evaluated like the printed sources
A. Yes
B. No
C. There is some other criteria also
D. It is done by other types of evaluation
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138 Which type of database are CD-ROMsservices like trade journals on disks
A. Reference Database
B. Full-text database
C. Graphic database
D. Directory kind database
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139 What type of bibliography Books inPrint is
A. National Bibliography
B. National Bibliography
C. Retrospective Bibliography
D. Subject Bibliography
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140 What is called that database that provides access to the text in full
A. Full-text database
B. Text full database
C. Textual database
D. None of these
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141 What is called that database which contains a mixture of textual and numerical data
A. Numerical database
B. Text-Numeric database
C. Numeric text database
D. None of these
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142 Text-Numeric databases are also called
A. Alphabets database
B. Alphagama database
C. Alphanumeric database
D. Textual database
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143 What may be called to the databases of the telephone directory, railway timetable directory, etc
A. Numeric database
B. Alphanumeric database
C. Bibliographical database
D. None of these
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144 What are called those databases which include information stored in a mixture of different types of media
A. Multimedia databases
B. Media databases
C. Hypermedia databases
D. Virtual databases
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145 In these days databases mostly are available in
A. Online
D. All of these
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146 B.N.B. belongs to which country
A. U.S.A
B. France
C. Russia
D. United Kingdom
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147 Since which year B.N.B. been published
A. 1945
B. 1950
C. 1954
D. 1960
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148 On which date the first issue ofB.N.B. was brought out
A. 4th January 1950
B. 4th January 1951
C. 14th January 1954
D. 241h January 1960
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149 What is the frequency of B.N.B
A. Weekly
B. Monthly
C. Quarterly
D. Annual
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150 At present by which system B.N.B.derives subject Index Entries
A. Chain Indexing
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