Library Science MCQs: Law, Legislation and Profession – Quiz-3

LIS MCQs for Law, Legislation, and Profession. Here you will find the Library Science MCQs about Law, Legislation, and Profession. This is Quiz-3 of the Law, Legislation, and Profession MCQ series. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs of Library Law, Legislation, and Profession are very important for you. In these MCQs, the Law, legislation, education, and different professions are discussed under Library Science.

The Law, Legislation, and Profession are discussed in multiple choice question and answer (MCQs).

LIS MCQs about Law, Legislation, and Profession

Find below the MCQs of Library Law, Legislation, and Profession:

101. When University Education Commission was set up in India?
A. 1919
B. 1948
C. 1953
D. 1964
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102. When special library association was set up in the USA?
A. 1876
B. 1877
C. 1900
D. 1909
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103. IASLIC is an association of which types of libraries?
A. Public Libraries
B. Academic libraries
C. Special libraries
D. School libraries
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104. What is the full form of COMLA?
A. Commonwealth Library Association
B. Commonwealth Countries Library Association
C. Commission for Library Association
D. Cooperative Management of Library Association
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105. When COMLA was set up?
A. 1970
B. 1972
C. 1975
D. 1980
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106. Who was selected first President of COMLA?
A. Anthony Pannizi
B. Melvil Dewey
C. C.A. Cutter
D. K.C. Harrison
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107. In which country COMLA was constituted?
A. India
B. Britain
C. Pakistan
D. Nigeria
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108. What is ABGILA?
A. Periodical of library science
B. Association of library science
C. Library
D. Current serial
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109. What is the full form of ABGILA?
A. Annual Bulletin of Government of India Libraries
B. Annual Bulletin of Government of India Libraries Association
C. Annual Bibliography of Government of India Libraries
D. Annals, Bulletin Granthalaya of ILA
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110. Who was the first President of lFLA?
A. Issac Kulizan
B. T. Viswanathan
C. S.R. Ranganathan
D. W.C.B. Sayers
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111. Where is the headquarter of IFLA?
A. London
B. New York
C. Paris
D. The Hague
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112. Where was the annual general meeting of IFLA held in 1992?
A. New York
B. New Delhi
C. Sri Lanka
D. London
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113. Which organization thought first about UAP?
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114. Who started to think first about universal bibliographical control?
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115. What is FID?
A. An organization
B. An international organization in the documentation field
C. An international organization in the reference field
D. None of these
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116. Perry Committee in Great Britain was set up for the?
A. College libraries
B. Academic libraries
C. Public Libraries
D. School libraries
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117. When Carnegie Medal was first started by Library Association?
A. 1930
B. 1936
C. 1942
D. 1950
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118. The provision of study centers, timing of stories, exhibitions, etc. to illiterate persons is the form of which service of:
A. Information services
B. Reference services
C. Extension services
D. Additional services
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119. What is the main objective of extension services?
A. To develop people’s interest in the library
B. To promote library services
C. To provide documents to the users
D. To maintain well all the libraries
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120. Why Andrew Carnegie is famous?
A. Carnegie Endowment
B. Library Classifier
C. Library
D. For Staff Formula
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121. Generally, extension services are provided in which types of libraries?
A. Public Libraries
B. Academic libraries
C. Special libraries
D. University Libraries
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122. Mobile library arrangement is one of the parts of which service of the libraries?
A. Resources sharing
B. Interlibrary loan
C. Shared working
D. Extension services
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123. Who was Andrew Carnegie?
A. A librarian
B. Information scientist
C. A philanthropist
D. Teacher of library science
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124. What is correct about a mobile library?
A. Library on wheels
B. Moves from one place to other
C. Serves many localities
D. All of the above
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125. In 1896 the name of the Library Association (UK) was changed to?
A. Library Association
B. British Library Association
C. Association of British Libraries
D. British Association of Libraries
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126. Who propounded the term Library Science first?
A. Dewey
B. Sayers
C. Ranganathan
D. Bliss
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127. Who started the first school in librarianship in the world?
A. Dewey
B. Sayers
C. Bliss
D. Ranganathan
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128. In which year did Dewey start their first school in librarianship?
A. 1876
B. 1887
C. 1890
D. 1897
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129. What was the name of the school in which Dewey started the first course in librarianship?
A. Graduate School of Librarianship
B. Graduate School of Library Science
C. College of Library Science
D. School of Library Science
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130. In which university, the first school in librarianship was started?
A. Washington University
B. New York State University
C. Oxford University
D. Columbia University
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131. The first training in library education was given in India by whom?
A. W.A. Bardon
B. A. Dickinson
C. Ranganathan
D. None of these
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132. In which year the first training course was started in the country?
A. 1910
B. 1911
C. 1912
D. 1915
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133. In which university of India, the first Diploma Course in library science was started in 1937 by Dr. Ranganathan?
A. Madras University
B. BHU, Varanasi
C. Delhi University
D. Punjab University
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134. What is called that association, which is constituted with the meeting of the persons of a particular profession?
A. Professional association
B. Personal organization
C. Professional organization
D. None of these
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135. What is the aim of a professional association?
A. Development of professional techniques
B. Functions like the labor organization
C. Functions for its member for their development
D. Functions as employment exchange
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136. Which one is not a professional organization?
A. Doctors Association
B. Librarians Association
C. Advocates Association
D. Labourers Association
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137. Which one is the oldest and largest library association in the world?
A. Library Association (UK)
B. American Library Association
C. Indian Library Association
D. None of these
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138. When American Library Association was established?
A. 1876
B. 1878
C. 1877
D. 1880
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139. Where is the headquarter of the American Library Association?
A. Washington
B. New York
C. Philadelphia
D. Chicago
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140. Who was the first secretary of ALA?
A. C. A. Cutter
B. Melvil Dewey
C. WC. B. Sayers
D. S. R. Ranganathan
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141. What is meant by National Library Association?
A. Association of library personnel of national level
B. National level Association of persons engaged in the library profession
C. An Association of library personnel whose leader is of national level
D. Association of library personnel of so many nations
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142. What is the meaning of the term profession?
A. Operations executed with the help of others
B. Operations executed oneself
C. Occupational operations executed with the help of others
D. None of these
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143. What is called service occupation?
A. A man earns money
B. A man serves others
C. A man earns money by service
D. A man earns money by selling his services to others
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144. Who said that librarianship is salesmanship?
A. Dewey
B. Ranganathan
C. Kaula
D. Sayers
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145. What are the causes, of the person choosing librarianship?
A. Personal profit
B. Creative joy
C. Social well being
D. All of the above
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146. Librarianship is a__________ profession:
A. Easy
B. Difficult
C. Challenging
D. Similar to others
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147. The status of a university librarian was said equivalent to whom by Sadler Commission (1917)?
A. Vice Chancellor
B. Library Committee
C. Professor
D. Principal
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148. What was the original name of the library association of the UK?
B. Library Association (UK)
C. Library Association
D. Association of British Library
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So, these are the MCQs 101-148 for Library Law, Legislation, and Profession.

MCQs of Library Law Legislation and Profession

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