Library Science MCQs: Information System and Programs – Quiz-5

LIS MCQs for Information System and Programs. Here you will find the Library Science MCQs about Information Systems and Programs. This is Quiz-5 of the Information system and programs MCQ series. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs of Library Information systems and different programs used in Library management are very helpful for you.

The library Information systems and Programs are discussed in multiple choice question and answer (MCQs).

LIS MCQs about Library Information System and Programs

Find below the MCQs of Library Information System and Programs:

201. ‘Read’, ‘Print’, ‘Display’, ‘Input’ or ‘Output’ are typical instruments pertaining to:
A. Arithmetic
B. Conditional Processing
C. Sequence Changes
D. Input/Output
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202. Problem definition is the first step in the system:
A. Study
B. Analysis
C. Design
D. Approach
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203. Special Charts and forms and hierarchical charts are some of the tools used in the system:
A. Design
B. Analysis
C. Study
D. Problem Definition·
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204. A program of instructions written in any assembly language is called:
A. Basic Programme
B. Source Programme
C. Original Programme
D. High-level Programme
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205. Mechanized selection of index terms from natural language text is generally known as:
A. Manual indexing
B. Automatic indexing
C. Machine indexing
D. Computer indexing
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206. A computer program developed to perform tasks specific to the individual user is known as:
A. System Software
B. Application Software
C. Network Software
D. Data Base Software
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207. The King report (USA-1963) deals with the automation of:
A. New York Public Library
B. Chicago Public Library
C. Library Congress
D. National Library of Medicine
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208. A system that has been designed, programmed, tested by an organization, and then offered for sale is known as
A. Turn key
B. Adopted
C. Shared
D. Modified
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209. MAITREYI software was developed by:
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210. The properties or attributes of an entity are called:
A. Fields
B. Records
C. Files
D. Entries
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211. The government which has brought the report titled ‘Keystone for the Information Age is:
B. Russia
D. Canada
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212. The set of possible values that a given attribute can have is called:
A. Attribute
B. Domain
C. Keys
D. Events
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213. The users for whom a database is designed, created, and maintained are known as:
A. End Users
B. Middle Users
C. Last Users
D. Customers
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214. The data portion of the database along with the associated index is known as:
A. Dictionary
B. File
C. Model
D. Compiler
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215. The author of “Principles of Data Base Systems” is:
A. C.J. Datta
B. B. P. Desai
C. J.D. Ulmax
D. J.M. Martin
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216. The most popular vendor of online service has been:
D. CAS-online
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217. The various points from which the user may choose an appropriate one are known as:
A. List
B. Menu
C. Item
D. Schedule
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218. The node where the user sits before the system and operates is known as:
A. Processor Node
B. Switching Node
C. Host Node
D. Terminal Node
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219. NICNET is an example of
D. Super LAN
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220. ISDN is an important development in the field of:
A. Computer Networks
B. Telecommunications
C. Air Communications
D. Rail Communications
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221. Word Processing is an electronic equivalent of:
A. Printing
B. Typing
C. Writing
D. Copying
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222. World Wide Web is a facility on:
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223. The number of basic hardware parts in the Word Processor is:
A. Four
B. Five
C. Six
D. Seven
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224. “Lipi” is a dedicated word processor developed by:
A. Tata Consultancy
D. Microsoft
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225. Word Processing is a marriage between the typewriter and:
A. Electronics
B. Telecommunications
C. Mass Communications
D. Satellite Communication
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226. Computers, Scanners, and Laser Printers form the most important components of:
A. Word Processor
B. D.T.P
C. Printing
D. Publishing
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227. Resolution of a printer refers to the clarity of
A. Paper
B. Print
C. Color
D. Image
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228. Ventura and Page’s maker are two popular software for:
A. W.P
B. D.T.P
C. Office Management
D. File Organization
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229. Helvetica and Times are typical names of:
A. Printers
B. Type Machines
C. Fonts
D. Computers
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230. “Hyper Card” was developed by:
A. V. Bush
B. Engelbart
C. Ted Nelson
D. B. Atkinson
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231. The machine which can browse and make notes was described by V. Bush in 1945 as:
A. Lemax
B. Hemex
C. Temex
D. Hymex
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232. Intero is a hypermedia system developed by:
A. Intelligent System Lab
B. Brown University
C. Carnegie Mellon University
D. University of Chicago
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233. A graphic or image that visually represents an object is known as:
A. Icon
B. Idol
C. Statute
D. Figure
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234. The author of “Multimedia Madness” is:
A. A.C Luther
B. R. Wodaski
C. M. Goodwin
D. H. Frater
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235. The transfer of message from one person to another using computer is known as:
A. Courier
B. Telex
C. E-mail
D. Fax
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236. A symbolically representing digits and alphabets through a series of bars is known as:
A. Zip Code
B. Pin Code
C. Bar Code
D. Bank Code
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237. The Village Information Project in Pondicherry was launched by:
B. Infosys Foundation
C. M.S. Swaminathan Foundation
D. WIPRO Foundation
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238. A collection or repository of electronic resources and technology needed to provide access to it is known as:
A. Electronic library
B. Digital library
C. Computerized library
D. Automated Library
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239. Blaise Pascal is the inventor of:
A. Calculator
B. Computer
C. Arithmo meter
D. Difference Engine
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240. Microcomputers were introduced during the years:
A. 1942-1949
B. 1959-1965
C. 1965-1970
D. 1970
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241. The process of mechanized selection of index headings from natural language text is known as:
A. Machine indexing
B. Computer indexing
C. Automatic indexing
D. Manual indexing
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242. Z39.50 is an International Standard Protocol for information retrieval m the networked:
A. Library system
B. Computer system
C. Dissemination system
D. Storage system
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243. ISO 10160/10161 is standard for interlibrary:
A. Loan
B. Cooperation
C. Exchange
D. Borrowing
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244. The computer program developed to perform tasks specific to an individuals user is known as:
A. System software
B. Automatic software
C. Applications software
D. Development Software
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245. A system that has been designed, programmed, and test by an organization is a:
A. Adopted system
B. Turn key system
C. Shared system
D. Local system
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246. INDEST Consortium was launched by:
D. Ministry of HRD
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247. Math Sci Net is being operated by:
A. American Mathematical Society
B. British Mathematical Society
C. Russian Mathematical Society
D. Canadian Mathematical Society
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248. LINUX is a popular version of:
D. Solaris
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249. JAVA is a programming language developed by:
A. Microsoft
C. SUN Microsystems
D. Intel
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250. The person credited with coining the term ‘Electronic Book’ is:
A. Allen Kent
B. A. Vondom
C. Allan Key
D. Micheal Hart
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