Library Science: LIS MCQ Test 03

Here you’ll find the Online MCQ test of Library Science. This is library Science online MCQ test number 3.

1. Computer Memory is measured in ?


2. BERNE CONVENTION is concerned with ?


3. Who designated Dr.Ranganathan as “father of library science” ?


4. WIPO stands for ?


5. The invisible web refers to ?


6. To which country the credit is given to coin the term information society ?


7. Today information is regarded as which of the following ?


8. Now a days what is a most important vital resource for societal development of a Country ?


9. What is the unit of information ?


10. Delivery of Book Act passed in the year ?


11. Who is the Father of a computer ?


12. Which Indian University first started M.Lib.Sc. & M.Phil course ?


13. Which organization has introduced the concept of “Sister libraries” ?


14. Who said that “Librarianship is not a profession”?


15. Who gave the sixth law of library science “Every reader his/her freedom”?


16. Which law of library Science relates to the growth of libraries ?


17. UAP stands for what of the following ?


18. Resource sharing is a part of ?


19. The five laws of Library Science published in the book form in the year ?


20. Which term was coined by Dr.S.R.Ranganathan for mobile libraries ?


21. The Librarian Day celebrated on ?


22. Forms of Extension service ?


23. The first library school was started by ?


24. The secondary source of information comprised of ?


25. Who categorized information source into conventional, non conventional, non conventional and micro documents ?


26. What is a Patent ?


27. Cumulative book index is published from ?


28. Word of learning is Published by ?


29. Who was Published the monthly Journal “The Library World’ ?


30. Research periodicals are which category of sources?


31. Reference sources are those ?


32. At What the New Encyclopedia of Britannica is useful while referencing?


33. What Does the Year Book known for?


34. What is Trade bibliography?


35. e-Document means?


36. Which of the following is not the documents?


37. Today which type of information sources is most useful?


38. Cover to cover translation is treated as ?


39. To get knowledge about particular reference source, what is reference source?


40. What is the suitable reference sources to find out the list of historical monuments of place ?


41. What do you call a collection of maps, tables, charts, etc.?


42. Which of the following are not the secondary sources?


43. What is the publication frequency of books in print?


44. Tell about the Nationalbibliography?


45. What is world of learning?


46. The term “Information Service” is an improvised name ?


47. Which service demands the creation of a ‘user’ profile?


48. Who said that Reference service is contact line between right person and right book?


49. CAS is defined as ?


50. Feedback mechanism is a part of which service?



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