Library Science: LIS MCQ Test 01

1. What is Information?


2. The act made in India in 1856 on Intellectual Property Right was actually based on?


3. What is the Hypothesis?


4. Oracle is a ?


5. Conference proceedings are considered as………………documents  ?


6. Directory of Open Acces Journal is maintained by ?


7. “POSDCORB” was coined by ?


8. “‘Fair use’ is a term most relevant to ?


9. .”Librametry” is a study of ?


10. Who is the publisher of the journal Library Trends?


11. Questionnaire is a ?


12. What is not open source software for library management ?


13. Who said ‘some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested ?


14. ISBN consists of ?


15. The term ‘Bibliophile’ refers to ?


16. MeSH is the name of a ?


17. Which record is the hub of the stack in a library ?


18. An appropriate source to find out descriptive information is ?


19. One of the following search engine is exclusively meant for scientific information ?


20. GUI stands for ?


21. “Controlled Group” is a term used in ?


22. ‘Noise’ in Information Retrieval is due to ?


23. Who enunciated the term ‘hypertext’ ?


24. COPSAT stands for ?


25. The journal “Knowledge Organization” is published by ?


26. Tagging in web 2.0 application is called ?


27. Which of the following is not covered under Intellectual Property Rights ?


28. High Level Language is ?


29. The transmission of receiver’s reaction back to the sender is known as ?


30. What actually Protocol means?


31. A set of rules that govern overall data communications system is popularly known?


32. Which of the following is not true about e journals?


33. What is the meaning of ‘Translation Pools’?


34. Whether Library is a system?


35. What are the basic factors by which you can win the reader’s heart?


36. Commonly, library referencing in conventional form processed by which stages?


37. ASK ( Approach, Skill, Knowledge ) principle is related to?


38. Kinesis’ is related to ?


39. The ‘Five Laws of Library Science’ propounded by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, is which type of research ?


40. Information Science is a discipline that investigates?


41. ‘Kinesis’ is related to?


42. Theory X and Theory Y were formulated by?


43. Information may be categorised into ?


44. Method working for Delphi?


45. Who contributed on the systematic use of user’s education ?


46. Management by Objectives ( MBO ) is introduced by?


47. Which section of the library is known as hub of the staff?


48. BSO in classification stands for?


49. The concept of Selective Dissemination of Information ( SDI ) was introduced by?


50. The book ‘Library Administration’ was brought out by Ranganathan in?


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