Library Science MCQs of Cataloging

Here you’ll find Library Science MCQs of Applied Cataloging. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences then these LIS MCQs about cataloging are so important for you.

LIS MCQs for Applied Cataloging

The following are the MCQs of Library Science for Applied Cataloging.

1. What is the purpose of MARC Holdings records?
A. They indicate the specific copies of a bibliographic item that are held by a library and where they are located
B. They define the content and display of holdings-related information
C. They code the information about what is held in a manner that computers can understand and interpret.
D. They allow automated applications to be developed to streamline library technical service operations
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2. How is a MARC holdings record related to a MARC bibliographic record?
A. The holdings record contains a link to the related bibliographic record
B. The bibliographic record contains a link to the related holding record(s)
C. The holdings record is embedded into the bibliographic record
D. The bibliographic record is embedded into the holdings record
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3. Which of the following is the name for the 3 digit number that identifies the kind of data that follows?
A. Field
B. Subfield
C. Tag
D. Indicator
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4. Which of the following is the name for one of two positionally defined characters whose value has a predefined meaning?
A. Tag
B. Indicator
C. Delimiter
D. Subfield
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5. Which of the following information is needed in order to implement automated claiming?
A. Caption
B. Enumeration
C. Chronology
D. Pattern
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6. Which of the following can be either compressed or itemized?
A. Caption
B. Enumeration
C. Pattern
D. Textual holding
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7. Which levels are applicable to both single part (monographic) item multipart and serial items?
A. Level 1
B. Level 2
C. Level 3
D. Level 4
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8. Which levels use the itemized version of the enumeration and chronology?
A. Level 1
B. Level 2
C. Level 3
D. Level 4
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9. When can holdings information be expressed textually rather than in coded format?
A. Textual holdings can only be used when there is no coded holding data.
B. Textual holdings can be used in addition to or instead of coded holdings data
C. Textual holdings can never be used in MARC 21; the information must always be coded
D. None of the above
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10. What is the purpose of paired tags in a holdings record?
(A) They connect the holdings record with the relevant bibliographic record
(B) They connect different media holdings of an item, e.g., a print book and an audiobook
(C) They connect label data from one field with the data in another field for display purposes
(D) They connect multiple copies of the same bibliographic item
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