Library Science: LIS MCQ Test 08

Here, you will find Library Science MCQ test 8.

1. All part and pages of a volume are correctly sequenced in the first stage of binding process known as?


2. Phoenix schedules are part of which classification?


3. How many digits have in the ISSN?


4. The first edition of UDC published in?


5. MySQL is written in _________ language?


6. ISBN stands for?


7. Who defined notation as shorthand sign?


8. LYCOS is a?


9. _______ are the storage areas for the various types of documents kept in a library?


10. KOHA is written in __________ language?


11. Physical condition of the books should be property maintaine(D) This is known as?


12. When was MARC project completed?


13. How many columns are there in the accession register?


14. Herzberg’s theory deals with?


15. Sheets before and after the text of a book are called?


16. ISO-9960 is related with?


17. …….takes items of expenditure for libraries as the working data for allocation of funds?


18. Calculating machine is developed by?


19. Nowadays how many types of Protocol are used?


20. When was PERT developed?


21. Financial support given to libraries are of two types – Recurring and?


22. In which of the following the term “Truncation” is used?


23. What are the standard size of the Accession Register is?


24. Study carrels are exclusive areas meant for?


25. While entering the library, the personal belongings of a reader is kept in?


26. Following is not a network protocol?


27. Pi is the e-book reading device by?


28. On which of the following technologies semantic web is not based?


29. Virtua accomadates Different version of the MARC Standard?


30. What are three types of basic languages used in computer programming?


31. What is the another name of Added entries?


32. Which is not a programming language?


33. Payments for the books purchased can be made only after?


34. Principle of maximum aggregate benefit is concerned with?


35. Which one is Library and Information Science Journal name?


36. “POSDCORB” coined by?


37. Another term of PERT is?


38. In which edition “Auxiliary table for area” was first introduced?


39. PDA stands for?


40. Following is not a Web 2.0 tool?


41. Books misplaced on the shelves by readers are restored. This work is referred to as?


42. The first edition of DDC published in?


43. Identify the association that has changed its original name?


44. The Electronic Library is?


45. Outdated and seldom used books are withdrawn from the library is known as?


46. Who introduced Three card system?


47. Following is an example of microblogging?


48. The objective of library binding is ________of the library materials?


49. CPM (Critical Path Method) is developed by?


50. ______ is an important record of books, which shows the position of any book on the shelves?


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