Library Science: LIS MCQ Test 04

Here you’ll find the Online MCQ test of Library Science. This is library Science online MCQ test number 4.

1. Mobile library is a kind of which service?


2. Reading center, story hours, exhibition and reading to literature are form of ?


3. “POSDCORB” coined by ?


4. When Peter F. Drucker defined M.B.O. (Management by Objectives) ?


5. Who Invented the Dictionary Catalogue?


6. What is the another name of Added entries?


7. When was MARC project completed?


8. Who enunciated the subject Classification ?


9. How many Auxiliary tables are there in DDC 23rd Edition ?


10. Colon classification was first published in ?


11. Phoenix schedules are part of which classification ?


12. Sear’s List of Subject Headings (SLSH) is mainly useful for ?


13. The First edition of DDC Consisted of ?


14. What are the four entity of FRBR model?


15. Who is the Editor in Chief of 23rd Edition of DDC ?


16. Human knowledge divide by Dewey Decimal Classification in?


17. Different Calls Numbers of the Books mean?


18. Accession Number means ?


19. “POSDCORB” coined by ?


20. Who said this that to provide best books to max readers at least cost?


21. Herzberg’s theory deals with ?


22. Father of Scientific Management refer to who?


23. How many digits have in the ISSN ?


24. Principle of maximum aggregate benefit is concerned with ?


25. Item of Current Revenue and expenses are came under the which budget?


26. In fund accounting, _______ fund can not be used for other purposes ?


27. Scrutiny of financial transactions is called ?


28. Libraries annual report has how many parts?


29. Who started Newyork Charging system?


30. How many columns are there in the accession register?


31. When was PERT developed?


32. Zero based budget is concerned with ?


33. POSDCORB is related to ?


34. What the storage area for different kind of documents that we keep in library?


35. What does study carrel area means?


36. .…………… categorises documents into three types such as primary, secondary and tertiary?


37. Payments for the books purchased can be made only after ?


38. Getting books back from the users and releasing the borrower’s ticket is known as ?


39. While entering the library, the personal belongings of a reader is kept in ?


40. Outdated and seldom used books are withdrawn from the library is known as ?


41. Sheets before and after the text of a book are called ?


42. Leather being used as one of the binding materials i.e., _________ is the strongest


43. ________ has prescribed certain standards for library binding ?


44. World Wide Web (WWW) was first designed by ?


45. The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) belongs to ?


46. When CD-ROM was prepared and made?


47. Which type of switching system is telephone network?


48. Who designed analytical engine?


49. Calculating machine is developed by ?


50. What is a bug?



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