LLB Part 3 Intellectual Property Laws Past Papers 2007-2019

Intellectual Property Laws is the sixth paper in LL.B Part 3 examination. Past papers from previous years are given in this article. You can have better idea about the upcoming paper after viewing these papers and also you can prepare better. Check out the following year wise indexing to see the relevant past paper of LL.B part 3 Intellectual Property Laws:

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Intellectual Property Laws ANNUAL 2011
Intellectual Property Laws ANNUAL 2012
Intellectual Property Laws ANNUAL 2013

LL.B Part 3 Intellectual Property Laws Past Papers 2007 To Onward

Intellectual Property Laws LL.B PART-III ANNUAL 2011 Paper-VI

i) Attempt any FOUR questions.
ii) All questions carry equal marks


a) What do you mean by copyright? Explain in detail,

b) What are the offences of infringement of copyright?

Q2. Write notes on any TWO:

(i) Trips agreement
(ii) Paris convention
(iii) Patents (iv) Berne convention

Q3. Explain the procedure for obtaining patent right and its renewals?

Q4. What are the terms and conditions for opposition to grant of patent?

Q5. Trade Mark “7-up” a soft drink was used for wool, soap, thread, Sony radio & television and all these goods are being marketed in Pakistan. Whether the manufacturer of “7-up” a soft drink, can raise objection for using their name? Give reasons with case law reported in Pakistan to justify your contention.

Q6. What are the effects of obtaining design rights? Explain in detail.

Intellectual Property Laws LL.B PART-III ANNUAL 2012 Paper-VI


Q1. What is the difference between passing all and infringement of Trade mark? Discuss in detail.

Q2. Please explain the absolute grounds for refusal of Registration of trade mark?

Q3. What are the statutory penalties provided for infringement of registered Trademark?

Q4. Write detail notes on:

(a) Collective Marks
(b) Certification Marks


Q5. What inventions are patent able? Please discuss in detail.

Q6. How “Novelty”, “Inventive Step” and non obviousness necessary for an invention to be patented?

Q7. What do you understand by the term complete specification? What is the time period for filing complete specification?

Q8. Who can apply for compulsory license of a patent and When? Please describe the grounds for grant of compulsory licensing?


Q9. What Special Rights of copyright by the copyright ordnance 1962? Discuss in detail.

Q10. What powers ate available with the copyright Board under the Copyright Ordinance, 1902?

Intellectual Property Laws LL.B PART-III ANNUAL 2013 Paper-VI

Q1. Under what circumstances the Copyright Board can issue a license to produce and publish translation?

Q2. Discuss salient feature of Berne Convention also indicate whether Pakistan has binding on the Berne Convention & the resolution of Berne convention under the Copyright Laws.

Q3. What do you mean by copyright? Discuss in Detail.

Q4. What is the offence of infringement of Copyright?

Q5. What are the grounds for refusal of the resignation of the Trademark? Also state the procedure for its revocation?

Q6. Write short notes on any ‘TWO:

a) Piracy of Registered Design
h) Passing off
c) Assignment

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