How to Apply for Driving License and Verify it Online

How to Apply for Driving License and Verify it Online?

How to apply for a driving license and verify it online? The procedure for driving license is very easy for all motorcycle, LTV, and HTV. You have to collect and prepare some of the necessary documents for this purpose:

  • 1 Copy of CNIC
  • 3 Pictures with Blue Background
  • 1 Medical certificate from your respective DHQ hospital
  • 1 file in which your complete bio-data will be written by the traffic authorities when you came to apply for the license

After preparing these documents you have to go to your nearest driving license center.

First, you will give them your all documents and they will prepare your file and allot your file a number.

Second, they capture your fresh picture there and assign your picture a specific code that will be useable later on by the driving license authorities.

Third, after that, you will add the stamped ticket of a specific amount, for example, the amount varies from Rs. 250 to Rs. 2000 rupees.

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After completing your file they will ask you to come for written and the driving test and when you have passed the written and driving test successfully then within a week your driving license will be delivered to you at your home address by the register postal service. And you don’t find your license within one week after clearing the test, then visit your nearest branch of TCS, Leopard, and M&P courier service office. You will definitely find your license there.

How to Check Driving License online?

When you have passed your written and driving test, now it comes to check the status of your driving license online. For checking the driving status online you have to follow the following steps:

1. Open the Website

For online verification, you have to open the website.

2. Track Your License Information

for checking your license information, go to menu > License Info > Track License Delivery.

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3. Enter Your CNIC

Here, you have to enter your CNIC to check the current status of your driving license. After entering your CNIC press the Track Button there.

For more information, you can view the following video for a better understanding about Applying and verifying your driving license.


So, this is the easiest way to apply and verify the driving license online. I hope you have now understood how to apply for driving license and verify it online with the above step by step procedure. If you have any query or question regarding driving license information you can use the comment section given below this article.

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