How to Apply for Death Certificate in Pakistan

Apply for Death Certificate in Pakistan is necessary when someone dies. A death certificate is very much important in the eye of law. When a person dies, any person from his house can apply for a death certificate. Very few people know about the real method to apply for the death certificate. So, in this article you will learn:

  • How to apply for death certificate?
  • Procedure for Late Enrollment of Death Certificate
  • Procedure for Death in Foreign Country

How to apply for a death certificate in Pakistan?

The person who wants to apply for a death certificate, he must apply within 60 days of the death of the person. He can apply in his respective Union Council and Municipal Committee for obtaining the death certificate.

A “Form-B” is used for registration of the Death and issuing the certificate. You can get this form Union Council office, Basic Health Units and from the government hospitals free of costs.

The person who applies for the death certificate is called “Rukan-e-Allaa”. He must remember the date of the death and cause of death so that he can enter it into the Form-B.

The person who is applying for the death certificate he must enter all the credentials in the Form-B and afterward must put his signatures or thumb impression in case if the person is illiterate.

If the person who is illiterate is applying for death certificate then the employee of the union council or municipal committee office will put his details onto the Form-B and then read out the complete information to the person applying for a death certificate and afterward take the thumb impression on that form.

After receiving the applications for issuing death certificate the employee of union council office will enter these in his Form-B1. After that registration, the receipt will be issued.

This Form-B1 contains all the data of death enrollments of the complete month and then it will be computerized in the NADRA database.

If a person is living in one union council and dies in the other union council hospital then the person who is applying for a death certificate will also attach the death certificate of the respective hospital. And in case of death in the home then an affidavit along with 2 witnesses presents his application to the Chairman Administrator union council.

After 15 days the Chairman will issue the written orders. But if the chairman denies enrolling the death then he can appeal to the Assistant Director Local Government. And this Assistant Director Local Government is bound to give his directions within 30 days.

Note that this death certificate is free costs. You should not pay any amount to any person.

For more brief information you can watch the following video.

Procedure for Late Enrollment of Death Certificate

The normal time span is 60 days. If you are applying after 60 and within 180 days then the procedure will be the same as described above, only the Assistant Director Local Government will inquire in this regard and issue the direction to enroll the death.

Similarly, if you are applying after 180 days the Assistant Commissioner will do the inquiry and issue the directions for enrollment.

Procedure for Death in Foreign Country

A person dies outside of Pakistan then his relative or friend will first collect the death certificate from the embassy of that country and secondly, submit it in his respective union council. Then he will follow the same procedure as described above.


Death Certificate is important as per the law of the country. You must apply for a death certificate within the due time.

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