FBR Tax Asaan App Review: Features and Benefits

The Government of Pakistan to facilitate the Taxpayers has developed a Tax Asaan App. The App is called “Tax Asaan”. The FBR Tax Asaan App is a mobile-based application designed to encourage the Taxpayer with ease of use with Mobile. It is also available on FBR different web-based portals. The main features of this FBR Tax Asaan App are:

  1. Online Verification Services
  2. E-Payments of various natures
  3. Filing the Tax Return for Taxpayer

Through this Tax Asaan App, online verification services provide a method for Taxpayers to make online exploration about various statuses of a Taxpayer. For example, Checking the Status of Taxpayer whether he or she is listed in Active Tax Payer list of FBR, information about Exemption Certificates, different notices, and orders issued time to time for Taxpayer through IRIS (an online portal of FBR), Verification of NTN, CNIC, and STRN through this Tax Asaan App.

It is made easy for the citizens of Pakistan and now, FBR Taxpayer can make various payments through Tax Asaan App.
There are many new and advance Features for Sales Tax Registration has been added to facilitate the users. Through this procedure, Taxpayers can index their business for Sales Tax with nominal effort and with mobile ease. This also simplifies the Sales Registration process which will help the Taxpayers to speed up their registration process.

Features of FBR Tax Asaan Mobile App

This Tax Asaan App gives various features for filing Tax Return and registering the Sales Tax Registration. The following are the main features of this Tax Asaan App.

E-Payments with Tax Asaan Mobile App

The user can make various e-payments with this new Tax Asaan Mobile App. It is providing the facility of paying different taxes online directly through bank accounts using Alternate Delivery Channels. You can do this by logging into the system or without logging into Tax Asaan App. This Tax Asaan App allows you to create Payment Slips for Income Tax and Sales Tax.

Online Verification Services of Tax Asaan Mobile App

When a person files his Tax Return in IRIS, he is keen to himself in the Active Taxpayer list (ATL). This Tax Asaan App allows you to verify your online status of ATL. You can easily check whether you are in the ATL or not. Not only the verification of ATL, but you can also check about the Exemption Certificates through this Tax Asaan App. Before you have to sit on the computer and wait for the 10 to 15 minutes to do this but now you can do all of this in a few minutes with ease of mobile.

Online Sales Tax Registration with Tax Asaan Mobile App

One of the best features of this Tax Asaan App is the process of registration of Sales Tax. The user easily registers his Sales Tax for their businesses. This feature is remarkable in the sense that now people do this with ease of using mobile and it will expedite this process.


To conclude the above discussion it can be said that the FBR is making so much efforts to get maximum tax collection for increasing the revenue for Pakistan. This Tax Asaan App is another step in this regard. This App will expedite the tax registration process. You can also get to know the difference between a Tax-filer and Non-tax filer here.


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