Effects of Court Case on Government Job and Career

The Court Case and Its Effects on Government Job and Career

For every common man, a Court Case is a really disturbing factor. Nature of Court case could be Civil or Criminal Nature. Both types of Court cases have very deep effects on the life of any person. When we talk about the life of a government employee then, the court case has severe effects on his job.

Similarly, the Court case also has an effect on the life of a college or university student. When some file a court case whether it is civil nature or criminal nature it is multiple effects on them. Court cases are not limited to real cases but there are many such fake cases. These cases are filed to get someone in trouble for some particular reasons.

Often wrong people do this thing to tease somebody. So in this article, we’ll discuss the “effects of a Court Case on government job and career of a student”.

First, you should know the kinds of a court case. Two kinds of Court cases are there. One is Civil Nature of Court case and other is a criminal one.

In Criminal nature of court case, there are cases of murder, theft, rape, dacoity, smuggling and many other similar cases.
In Civil nature of court case, there are cases of marriage, divorce, property, illegal possession and many other similar cases.
Now if you are planning to join a government job and someone files an FIR against you then what effects it has on your life. Look, if you are planning to join the Police, Army or any other type of security forces job then this FIR will have a severe impact on you. You want to know how?

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See, when you go to sign the job contract, then on that contract there is undertaking that says, “I undertake that there is no criminal case against me and also there is no such FIR against me.” When you sign it at that time it looks safe. But when that department conducts the verification by Intelligence Bureau (IB), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Special Branch of Police, or similar departments then it will prove that there is an FIR against you and your summoned in a court case.

The reason is that today everything is online now and many departments are connected with each other. So, it has become very easy to identify and explore any person.

The dangerous effect it has when you joined your job and have taken 4 to 5 months salary. When it becomes obvious that you hide some necessary information before joining the department then your department can fire you from a job or can take legal action against you. The department will also take back the salaries from you.

Except for the job in these security agencies, if you join a civil department then there is no such inquiry or verification conducted. Because in a civil department they do not require such intensive information you.

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So, before joining any government service make sure that there will be no FIR against you and you are not summoned in any court case.

If you like to watch the video tutorial then you can watch the following video:

Effects of Criminal Court Case

Now let’s discuss that if someone traps you in a court case but you let free before 24 hours then your department will only suspend you from the job. You will be suspended until the court’s judgment has come. If there is a case against you but you are not arrested then your department will not suspend you. But the matter will resolve until the final judgment of that court case.
Now if you are penalized in this case but you free before 24 hours and then filed an appeal in this regards then your department will only suspend you nothing else.

And now if the court’s decision came against you then your department will terminate you from your job.

Remember, if you were fined in a case of Gas, Water or Electricity theft then your department will not even suspend you.

Effects of Civil Court Case

Now let’s talk about what effects a Civil Court Case can have on your job.

If you are fined in a civil case whether it is a family case, child custody case, divorce, or any kind of property case then your department cannot do anything against you. These types of court cases have no negative effects on your job or career.

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If the court has given you any direction to be followed by and you didn’t do this. Then the other party went on filing an execution case that you didn’t abide by court direction and you have to go the jail in this regard then your department will suspend you from the job.

How You Can Save Your Job?

There are two most important points that I want to share with you. First, you have to try hard to prolong this case as long as you can. This way you will have more time to defend yourself.

Secondly, if you were penalized from a lower court then you must appeal in the higher court. Civil Court to Additional Court, Additional Court to High Court and from High Court to Supreme so that you may more time to defend your job and career.


To conclude the above discussion I must say that a court case is always not good. It has many negative effects on government job and career of a student. You can tackle it with utmost efficiency and courage. Now if you have any question regarding court case you can ask in the comment section below. I hope this article will help you.

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