CSS Philosophy Paper 2024

Philosophy is an important and optional subject in CSS examination. In here, you will find the CSS Philosophy Paper 2024. You can view or download this CSS Philosophy Paper 2024. The Philosophy paper of CSS was held on 05-03-2024.

Philosophy Paper for CSS 2024

Q2. Outline al-Ghazali’s journey from al-kalam methods to philosophy and then to mysticism in the wider background of his recognition of limits of reason.

Q3. Aristotle’s concept of ‘eudemonia’ is better than the modern consequential and deontological theories. Discuss it with reference to recent ethical challenges.

Q4. Expose the weaknesses of Rene Descartes’s cogito argument. Outline the influence of cogito on later modern philosophy.

Q5. Critically analyze how is Michel Foucault’s knowledge/power is different to common impression ‘knowledge is power’.

Q6. “Bad faith is a permanent risk for consciousness”, says Sartre. Critically assess this statement in the wider thought of Sartre.

Q7. “World history is the unfolding of the spirit in time”, says Hegel. Explain it in detail while contrasting with Kant’s philosophy.

Q8. Write short notes on any two of the following:

  • ‘Ought’ implies ‘Can’
  • Reason and revelation in Averroes
  • Limits of Rawls’ difference principle

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CSS Philosophy MCQs Paper 2024
CSS Philosophy Paper 2024

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